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Meet the Candidates: Double Oak Mayor

Southern Denton County residents will head to the polls starting next month to decide a plethora of municipal and school board contests.

The Cross Timbers Gazette asked each candidate in a contested local race to answer a brief questionnaire to help voters make an informed decision at the polls this May.

In Double Oak, residents will choose a new mayor from two current Town Council members: Jean Hillyer and Patrick Johnson. They are seeking to replace Mike Donnelly, the longtime mayor who left office in 2021, but then was appointed mayor again last year to complete the term vacated by Von Beougher, who resigned in July 2022 amid criticism for his use of federal COVID-19 funding.

Election Day is May 6, and early voting will run April 24 through May 2. The last day to register to vote is April 6, and the last day to apply for ballot by mail is April 25. Click here for more information about voting in Denton County.

The candidates for mayor of Double Oak are listed in alphabetic order below.

Mayor (2-year-term)

Jean Hillyer

Jean Hillyer, 68

Occupation: Retired

Education: BAE – Library Science
BAE – History
MAE – Educational Media
MSE – Medical Informatics

Previous public service: Double Oak Town Council – May 2022 – present
Double Oak Roads & Drainage Committee – 2021 – present
Trustee Wayne State Foundation – 2007 – present
Wayne State College Heritage Society 2021
Philanthropic Education Organization (P.E.O.) 1982

What motivated you to run for this position, and why are you the best choice? As a retiree, I will be a full-time mayor serving Double Oak with integrity. Active participation on the Roads & Drainage committee has confirmed the importance of maintaining our infrastructure. I am actively engaged with our police department supporting increased salaries and competitive benefits enabling the police department to fill multiple vacancies during a severe national shortage. I am actively engaged with the Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department being awarded the Mabra Community Service Award. I am on the Technology Committee working closely with town staff and vendors to maintain our technology which is the backbone of town business. All of this activity and the opportunity to engage with residents has inspired me to run to keep Double Oak the “Best Little Town in Texas.” Continue active participation in the Double Oak Women’s Club activities promoting community spirit.

Mission statement: Focus on essential services: police and fire departments that keep Double Oak safe and secure, technology infrastructure supporting our police and town departments while maintaining cybersecurity standards, ensuring that roads and drainage systems are maintained. Conduct town business in a fiscally responsible, transparent, and responsive manner.

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson, 59

Occupation: President of Comco Systems

Education: BS in Marketing from Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville MO.

Previous public service: Double Oak Planning and Zoning – 1.5 years
Double Oak Town Council and Mayor Pro Tem – since May election of 2022.
Member of Double Oak Development Committee – since May election of 2022

What motivated you to run for this position, and why are you the best choice? I was elected to the Double Oak town council in 2022. I was then appointed Mayor Pro Tem. Within 2 months of my term the then current Mayor of Double Oak resigned due to mis appropriation of funds. I led the council as Mayor Pro Tem for eight weeks. During that time, we investigated the misuse of SLFRF funds, experienced a tumultuous budget process and in the end reduced the property taxes in Double Oak to slightly above the No New Revenue Rate.

I will be the best choice because I will do the following:

Be financially responsible for the revenues and expenses of the town.

Listen to the town citizens and work for them and not others not associated with town and town business.

Maintain and develop ordinances and resolutions to protect the citizens and infrastructure of the town.

Support our first responders.

Mission statement:As Mayor of Double Oak, I will communicate, listen and provide leadership while being collaborative and ethical for the citizens of the Town of Double Oak.


Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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