Argyle councilman resigns

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Jon Donahue, photo courtesy of the town of Argyle

Argyle Council Member Jon Donahue resigned from his office on Tuesday night as a result of continuing political turmoil in the small town. It’s the second council member resignation in as many months.

Argyle Mayor Don Moser and Mayor Pro Tem Cyndi Hermann recently requested an opinion/investigation by the Texas Attorney General’s office regarding Donahue’s service on both the Town Council and the Denton County Emergency Services District No. 1 board. Donahue said last week that when he was first appointed to Town Council, he was advised by the town attorney that it would not be a problem for him to serve on the ESD board and council at the same time. However, he said he would rather step down than put the town through another legal issue, referring to a lawsuit by Councilman Ron Schmidt against the town.

“In the interest of the town, I decided to tender my resignation,” he said.

Donahue informed the Town Council of his resignation, effective immediately, at the end of an executive session during the council meeting Tuesday night. The town did not explain his absence during the rest of the meeting. This is the third time an Argyle council member has resigned this year, and the second time in one month. Town Council usually appoints someone to fill the seat until it expires.

Donahue had served on council since April 2017. His seat expires in May 2020.

After the executive session on Tuesday night, Moser and Hermann announced that they were withdrawing their official complaints against Donahue and Council Member Marla Hawkesworth. Hawkesworth also withdrew her complaint against Moser and Hermann. The town had not made those complaints public.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. Avatar
    Brady Jacobsen

    If he is a stand up guy, why is he resigning? Makes no sense. If he didn’t violate any rule, why resign? Again, makes no sense. The town voted for those they wanted to run the town. If Jon is on Marla’s side to just develop the heck out of every square inch, and that’s not what the town wants, then he might as well leave. I don’t know what May is going to bring you Paula. If people can see through the agenda of these people wanting to make Argyle into Southlake II, or Keller II, by overdeveloping, they’re not going to vote your people in.

  2. Avatar
    Paula Mabry

    Our Argyle citizens had better start paying attention and vote! When things are good, it’s quiet at town hall, therefore a lot of citizens don’t bother to vote. Only a small percentage of our population vote. This happens over and over. Our carefully growing town cannot afford this. Who suffers? Argyle & it’s quality of life. Time to learn the facts, check out the candidates , make an INFORMED decision & vote. If not, we have to live with this mess & for years afterwards. I can’t wait till May…..

  3. Avatar
    Carol Delbecq

    I have known “THIS GUY” for 30+ years and can attest to his morals & values. Jon Donahue is a stand up guy. He will stand up for what he believes is right. Jeannie Young is spot on! Why can’t this council appreciate that everyone is not always going to agree with one another & respect their decisions. Majority vote still rules. Railroading indeed!!!

  4. Avatar
    Chad Little

    Actually, this guy is getting out now, likely knowing what the upcoming investigation would yield.

  5. Avatar
    Jeannie Young

    Does this really surprise anyone? Who ever does not vote the way a certain group wants..there is found a way to remove them or railroad them out.
    I’m sorry to see Jon go as he is 1 of the 2 standing against this tyranny.

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