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TxDOT: Water on FM 2499 in Flower Mound slowly going down

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Northbound FM 2499 looking south towards Denton Creek on June 23, 2015.
Northbound FM 2499 looking south towards Denton Creek on June 23, 2015.

UPDATE (6/23/15 @5 p.m.): Following an assessment of FM 2499 on Tuesday afternoon, Flower Mound Emergency Management staff reported that water is receding from the area at a good rate.

However, there is a substantial amount of silt and debris that needs to be cleared from the roadway, median and shoulder.

TxDOT crews were planning to begin the process of debris removal Tuesday afternoon, and once the northbound lanes are free of water they can begin their infrastructure inspection.

While no timeline was disclosed, it is likely that if there is no structural damage the northbound lanes of FM 2499 will reopen before the southbound lanes, town officials said.

Mayor Tom Hayden tweeted on Tuesday: “Spoke with TxDOT officials this morning, assuming there is no road damage the reopening of 2499 will occur quickly upon the water receding.”

Other reports have alluded to the possibility of a long slog before the road is open to motorists after flooding ebbs.

Between 55,000 and 60,000 cars travel through the south end of Flower Mound daily, Hayden said.

According to Hayden, the town could even open up the north side of the highway as soon as water recedes, without having to wait for the south side as well.

Michael Peters, of the Texas Department of Transportation said that the road should be safe to open as long as there is no damage and once they are assured that the Denton Creek bridge has structural integrity. Peters said TxDOT does not anticipate any damage.

“Once the waters recede and it is safe for travel,” he said of when the roadway will reopen. “We don’t have a timetable.”

Crews are now out at the area around the clock evaluating and clearing debris, Peters said. The water is slowly going down, but it is still about three-feet high in some parts.

When Grapevine Lake crested, the water was about four feet above the spillway. As of this afternoon, the water was just 2 feet above the spillway.

“We’re a hostage to mother nature,” he said, unsure when the flooded highway will dry out.

“I live in Bridlewood and I work near the corner of I-635 and I-35E. I take Flower Mound Road to Hwy. 121 to I-635 and across and it took me one-and-a-half hours to get to work this morning,” Hayden said.

“I’m living this everyday with you,” is Hayden’s message to residents of his town. “I just as much want to get it cleared.”

Stay with The Cross Timbers Gazette for updates.

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    Is there not a oneway street solution to the morning mayhem?? Temporarily changing streets to two lane turning, etc??
    Lakeside parkway could be east bound only between 6-9am. With people needing into flower mound having to use west bound 3040 lanes.
    Then between 4-6 pm the opposite.

    I’m confused why no ideas that are truly designed to help this issue have been devised. There are other communities out there that are expert in this kind of issue. New Orleans, Houston, and I’m sure that they have come up with plans that would work for our community, as well. Obviously, flower mound is prone to flooding as this has happened numerous times throughout the years. We need a true emergency plan that works and goes into affect any time this happens. We shouldn’t wait for the next disaster. The plan would also work as an evacuation route in case there was ever a need to evacuate.
    Mayor Hayden, I appreciate the fact that you’re driving this with us every day and feel our frustration, however, saying we are at mother nature’s mercy, waiting for waters to recede –is not a plan for the Future not IF this happens again, but WHEN.
    Our home prices and economy here depend on the ability to get in and out of our community smoothly. With the construction in every direction, and now the flooding we need a plan for the future in case this disaster happens again.
    Even the city of Arlington does a one way system -just for ranger games!!

    What is the future plan and how are we going to handle this situation with upcoming rain this weekend? We need a long-term solution- we are smarter than mother nature and do not have to rely on receiding Waters to figure out problems in a crisis. We need leaders that are able to do this and are actively and proactively working on this.

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