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Weir: Ben Bumgarner is our new Texas House Rep. in District 63

After a long election season, voters made their choice of leaders they want representing them going forward. One of those leaders is former Flower Mound Town Council Member Ben Bumgarner. Tan Parker, the current House Rep. in 63, was elected to the State Senate. In January, both men will be sworn in to their new positions in the Texas Legislature. I asked Mr. Bumgarner to come over for an interview to tell his constituents about the issues he’s most concerned with. During the campaign, Bumgarner’s website outlined some of the issues he ran on:

“The time for bureaucrats and career politicians is over. It is time to send a fighter to Austin and show the establishment what the true meaning of grassroots is. I am 38 years old from Flower Mound, TX. I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Austin College up in Sherman, TX. I have lived in North Texas my entire life. I have served on the Flower Mound Town council since 2019 where I serve in Place 3 as the current Mayor Pro Tem. I am the Co-Owner of a local business. I am a Christian, a servant leader, a husband, and father.

“On the Town Council, I cut wasteful spending and reformed Flower Mound’s programs for better results. I also lowered property taxes for all homeowners. As your next State Representative, I will apply the same fiscally conservative approach to our state government to permanently lower our property taxes across Texas. As a father, I am determined to support our public schools and make sure we are appropriately investing in the next generation. Our schools must be properly funded and our teachers given every resource necessary to help our kids succeed.

“As Town Councilman, I worked with Flower Mound PD to keep our families safe and as your State Representative, I will continue to fight on behalf of those who protect and serve us. I will always stand up for our law enforcement officials and fight any efforts to defund the police.

“I will fight against the radical agenda of the “Green New Deal” that threatens hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs and would exacerbate skyrocketing energy costs. We must protect Texas oil and natural gas!

“Around the world, doctors and health officials know that healthy families start with healthy moms. I will support new pro-family legislation to increase healthcare services for pregnant women and mothers, and support families with young babies.”

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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