Thursday, August 18, 2022

All local May elections postponed

All the local elections that were originally scheduled for May have been postponed until November because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Two weeks ago, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation allowing local entities to postpone their elections that were scheduled for May 2 until the Nov. 3 General Election. Flower Mound was the first local entity to do so, on March 19, and many more in the area are making the same choice. Northwest ISD was the last in southern Denton County to make the decision, on Friday.

Current officeholders will remain in their seats until the election. The filing period will not be re-opened, so no new candidates are permitted in these races.

It is possible that the local elections could be held sooner than November. The town of Northlake says it intends to join other Texas cities to petition the state to allow them to hold their local elections in July, in conjunction with the primary runoff election (which was postponed by the state from late May to July 14).

The following elections had already been canceled because only the incumbents filed: Bartonville Town Council, Double Oak Town Council, Highland Village City Council, Denton County Fresh Water Supply District #6 (Lantana), Denton ISD Board and Lewisville ISD Board.

As of Monday, the following entities have postponed their elections until the Nov. 3 General Election:


The town of Argyle has three expiring Town Council seats up for election and two candidates for each:

  • Place 1: Bryan Livingston (i), Tom Irwin
  • Place 3: Sherri Myers (i), Richard Spies
  • Place 5: Rick Bradford, CB Standridge

The town had also called a special election for residents to consider a proposed Municipal Development District, which could extend its sales tax rate outside the town border to also include its Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction.


Bartonville voters will choose whether to renew allocation of a portion of the town’s sales tax to street maintenance, which goes up for vote every four years.

Copper Canyon Town Council

  • Place 1: Steve Hill (i)
  • Place 3: Rudy Castillo
  • Place 5: Bill Castleman (i), Jeffrey Alan Mayer

Denton City Council

  • Place 5: Deb Armintor (i), Rick Baria
  • Place 6: Jim Mann, Paul Meltzer (i), Liam York
  • Place 7 (Mayor): Keely Briggs, Gerard Hudspeth, Michael Mitchell
  • District 1:  Birdia Johnson, George Michael Ferrie Jr.
  • District 2: Ronnie Anderson, Connie Baker, Daniel Clanton, Kady Irene Finley, Jon Hohman

Flower Mound Town Council

  • Place 2: Sandeep Sharma (i), David Johnson
  • Place 5: Claudio Forest (i), Ann Martin

Harvest (Belmont Fresh Water Supply District #1)

Two four-year at-large seats:

  • Charles Beagle (i)
  • Matthew Brown (i)
  • Travis Cooper
  • Steven Glickman

Northlake Town Council

  • Place 1: Rena Hardeman (i)
  • Place 2: James Lambert (i), Michael C. Ganz
  • Place 3: Brian G. Montini (i)

Argyle ISD Board

  • Place 1 – Craig Hawkesworth (i), Phyllis Clark
  • Place 2 – Dr. John Bitter (i), Chad Gibson
  • Place 3 – Sam Slaton (i)

Northwest ISD Board

  • Place 5: Steve Sprowls (i)
  • Place 6: Lillian Rauch (i), Jennifer Zazula
  • Place 7: Ron Hastings (i), Jennifer Murphy

Northwest ISD has also called a $987 million bond election to accommodate expected growth.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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