Friday, December 8, 2023

Northlake Notes — November 2023

Fall is here and we are well into the season. Festivals, holidays, community events and school activities are plentiful and vie for our attendance. Take the time to plan out the rest of the year and make the most of the season’s milder weather to enjoy these many events.

Northlake is growing and we have started to enjoy some events each year that are worth looking forward to. Keep an eye out for the schedule for this year’s Christmas at the Commons event on Dec. 4 with a Christmas parade, tree lighting, and vendor fair. Last year was terrific and it looks like this year will be even better. Our communities are having many tree lightings, holiday fairs, and more. Check your HOA schedule so you don’t miss the great events coming up between now and New Year’s.

This year’s Halloween at the Northlake Commons event, put on by the local businesses, was a great success. Many of the stores decorated their entrances and invited the community to dress up and bring the kids to visit. The stores also got together and had a competition for the best décor. Congratulations to the winners! Make plans to come out next year on the Friday before Halloween.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving this year, given the conflicts and uncertainty in the world, we’re once again reminded of all that we have to be thankful for. My wife and I just returned from a world tour across the Middle East, India, and Europe. I am always impressed by the access that our citizenship gives us to the world and how welcoming regular people are even in places where we might be told wouldn’t be towards Americans. Travel has always expanded my view of the world and taught me many things. There are so many amazing places full of history, architecture, culture and cuisine. No lifetime could ever last long enough to really explore even a part of all that is out there. As we return home, as amazing as many places are, we’re very thankful for this little slice of heaven we get to enjoy. Our way of life, freedom, and prosperity is second to none. There may be places a little fancier, with better natural features or conveniences, but no place has the peace that comes from a free society where we can practice our faith and our convictions with complete freedom. It’s good to be home and reflect on all that we enjoy.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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