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Pastor’s Place: Raising strong families

By Senior Pastor Ed Young, Fellowship Church

Years ago, I vividly recall when my 12-year-old daughter confessed to taking $100 from her sister’s room. Rather than respond with anger, it was more a feeling of being hit by the weight of parenting. How do I love, discipline, and protect her from making similar bad choices in the future?

This experience with my daughter resonated with the teachings of Hebrews 12:6–8, where we glean insights into God’s loving discipline. Unlike punishment, as Christ paid our sins on the cross, God’s discipline serves as a guiding force, steering us along the righteous path.

Effective discipline should be a thoughtful response rather than a knee-jerk reaction. It requires establishing clear behavioral boundaries and providing corrective measures when crossing them.

Here are five essential steps to cultivating positive discipline: 

Survey Your Land: As a land has marked boundaries, parents should define explicit behavioral expectations. Tailor these guidelines to each child’s uniqueness.

Consider Consequences: Discipline should be proportionate to misbehavior. Link consequences to breaches of boundaries, ensuring they are reasonable and meaningful.

Commit to Consistency: Children yearn for a stable environment. We mirror God’s unwavering love and guidance by consistently aligning our actions and words.

Avoid Overreacting: Striving for a balance is critical – aiming to be neither lenient nor overly strict. A measured response fosters healthy growth and keeps communication open.

Prioritize Reconciliation: Healthy relationships thrive on understanding and forgiveness. Apologies can flow both ways, nurturing mutual respect and deeper understanding.

We are praying for your success as parents! As you model these steps in your home, we hope they help you mold and guide your kids into confident, selfless adults who fulfill God’s purpose for their lives!


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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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