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Robson Ranch Rambler — September 2023

I recently moved to a very neighborly street in Robson Ranch. The realtor told me it was a social street, presumably meaning lots of get-togethers. It’s more than that, as are many streets on the Ranch. We were honored guests at a gathering of neighbors on our street so that we could meet everyone. “Meet and Greet” parties happen on streets frequently here at someone’s home or on lawn chairs on a driveway. Neighbors have been known to stand at the end of their driveways and, in concert, “raise a glass” to honor the passing of a neighbor’s loved one.

“Good fences make good neighbors” in Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Walls, is a universally known viewpoint on the subject; meaning that having a clear boundary between your house and your neighbor’s helps to keep the peace. The purpose of our wrought iron fences is to give our pets an enclosed grassy area to run freely. As important, these fences are leaning posts for neighbors to say “hello” in the morning or share the day’s events in the evening.

Mister Rogers started his show by looking directly at us and singing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Many groups at Robson Ranch embrace this idea to help residents in the community. Women Sharing Hope sponsors the Robson Angels, which is a group of volunteers who help caregivers at Robson. Many have been caregivers themselves, and they can give a needed break from taking care of a loved one or provide a ride to an appointment. The men at Links Players Bible Study group will provide extra assistance with light duty household items like changing light bulbs or smoke detector batteries. If they can’t handle it, they will help find the right people for the job. The newly-formed Safety Net program, offered by Robson Ranch residents, is based on a simple premise: A person who is alone and wants the feeling of safety that comes with letting someone know they are okay by a text or phone call, checks in daily or twice daily with a Safety Net volunteer. If there is no answer, the Safety Net person will follow established protocols to see if there is a problem.

Many of us are glad to pay for services by people we trust, namely our neighbors. For a fee, Robson Riders will take you anywhere you want to go. Their service goes beyond just dropping you off. At the airport, they keep track of your flight and help you with your bags, as needed. There are skilled Robson Ranch residents to help us with practically anything. Robson Ranch residents who offer handyman services take care of issues that crop up at any time or at the most inconvenient time. We are grateful that they are here for us on the spot.

We moved here for a variety of reasons but the neighborliness at Robson Ranch is a priceless added bonus.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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