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Meow Wolf celebrating grand opening of ‘The Real Unreal’

Meow Wolf’s “The Real Unreal,” a new mind-bending immersive art exhibition in Grapevine Mills Mall, opens to the public on Friday.

“The Real Unreal” invites guests to explore the “psychedelic art wonderland” at your own pace. There is a “mysterious underlying story that will expand minds and fuel imaginations.” The immersive storyline was conceived by sci-fi and fantasy author LaShawn Wanak. Beginning in a house, the story centers on a mother and son, their chosen family, and the extraordinary events that open their house to a realm of expansive creativity.

“It is a story about caring for people,” Wanak said. “When people walk into Grapevine, I want their first impression to be: ‘Oh, this is a well-loved place, and the people inside love each other and care for each other.’”

Crawl through wormholes, discover hidden rooms and uncover clues as you experience the nonlinear story in a surreal environment.

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf

“The Meow Wolf story universe is expanding, and ‘The Real Unreal’ holds the keys to the next chapters,” a Meow Wolf news release said. “This exhibition is the first major inclusion of interweaving narratives, connected Easter Eggs, and multiplicitous repetition of certain thematic elements, like houses. Like a quantum echo or deja vu, these ties between multiple universes are intentional.”

The first permanent Meow Wolf opened in Santa Fe in 2016, and two more permanent exhibits were opened in 2021 in Las Vegas and Denver. Grapevine won’t be the only permanent Meow Wolf location in Texas, as another permanent exhibit is coming to Houston in 2024.

Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf

Many of Meow Wolf’s 150 full-time artists worked with more than 40 Texas artists over the past several years to bring “The Real Unreal” concept to life. Certain spaces in “The Real Unreal” may feel familiar to Meow Wolf devotees, as some settings harken back to the original Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, creating cross exhibition connections and bringing a new dimension to the Meow Wolf story universe.

“The house and the idea of ‘eternal return’ are powerful motifs that formed the catalyst for Meow Wolf’s transformation from a scrappy art collective into the growing company we are today,” said Meow Wolf Co-Founder, Emily Montoya.

Within “The Real Unreal” is an eccentric events venue, as well as a cafe counter and gift shop.

General admission tickets start at $45 on weekdays and $50 on weekends. Click here for more information.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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