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Just the Facts from Mayor Ron Robertson — July 2023

Copper Canyon Town Administrator Donna Welsh

Letter from Donna Welsh, Town Administrator: As those close to me know, I am not good with goodbyes, so I am writing this letter. I will be retiring this month and look forward to a new chapter in my life.

I have so many people to thank for their support and dedication that it is impossible to personally get to see and visit you all with the short time that was available. I truly am humbled to have worked with such a wonderful group of people for the last 15 years and I am so proud of the achievements that we have made in Copper Canyon.

To Mayor Robertson, the Council, and staff, your dedication to the town and contributions have been outstanding. I have enjoyed working alongside all of you and admire your dedication to the town. To those of you that I had the opportunity to coach and or set goals for, I commend each of you for your achievements and hope that you continue to succeed through life journeys.

I could go on listing people and groups but in the end the message would still be: I have truly enjoyed my time here and have been well supported with the work and outcomes we have achieved for Copper Canyon.

I leave this place with great confidence in the people here, knowing that they are capable of overcoming any hurdles that will come up, singularly, and more importantly, together. We have managed to assemble a very competent and practical staff that provide excellent support to the Mayor, Council, and residents. This provides me with a sense of pride and gratitude that is indescribable.

Sincerely, Donna Welsh

Happy 50th Birthday and 4th of July

Tuesday, July 4th, we celebrated July 4th and Copper Canyon’s 50th birthday with our annual parade and picnic. The parade included decorated cars, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles, horses, and almost anything that moves. The Parade line up was led by ESD #1 Fire Department. Immediately following the parade everyone enjoyed hotdogs and drinks at Town Hall. There were activities for the kids including face painting which is always a big hit with little and big kids! This annual event is always so much fun as we celebrate our country’s independence, meet new neighbors, and catch up with old friends. This year’s celebration was bigger and better than ever as we celebrated the town’s 50th anniversary and honored the families who settled here in Copper Canyon in April of 1973 and worked to make this town a place we can all call home. A special thanks to Carol Owens and the Woodlands Women Club for organizing and hosting this event for more than 39 years.

Upcoming 2023-2024 Budget

Copper Canyon town councils have always approached the annual town budget with an eye to the future. The town road infrastructure is in excellent shape and our annual maintenance program will maintain them for years to come. We continue to study public safety options for our police protection for the residents. Our budget proforma, developed by Mayor Pro Tem Steve Hill, is reviewed each month to ensure we are fiscally responsible.

I am exceedingly proud of our council and staff that work every year to create a budget that meets the priorities of our Council while being mindful of fiscal responsibility and the trust given to us by our citizens. My perennial focus is to envision the needs of the City long term, making decisions that will benefit our community’s future. The 2032-24 budget reflects this unwavering pledge to provide the best quality of life we have come to enjoy in Copper Canyon.

In August we will file the proposed budget with the town secretary for residents to review. A public hearing will be held in August and September to review the budget with the residents, approve the budget, and set the tax rate.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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