Friday, June 14, 2024

LETTER: No-kill animal shelter needs your support

Apollo Support & Rescue desperately needs your help. Based in Justin, those in surrounding cities send their unwanted dogs and cats to Apollo even though there may be a shelter in their own city. It’s simply because Apollo is a no kill shelter. None of those cities donate to Apollo, so this non-profit shelter exists on donations alone and its yearly budget is approaching one million dollars.

Currently, Apollo has an outstanding vet bill over $30,000. It covers all shots, spay/neuter, chipping, medications, repair of broken legs, lesions, etc., and these costs usually occur at intake. Often the dogs are pregnant or have just delivered a liter, so all puppies have to have their first shots before adoption.

They also drive adoptable dogs to the far Northwest which is another great expense, but they have adoptions already in place there before they leave Apollo. There are over 100 dogs in their facility, with some dogs doubled up. They need to convert a building into new kennels that will cost approximately $60,000.

Apollo needs sponsors willing to step up. There has to be a ton of dog lovers out there whose hearts are touched by this no kill shelter. There aren’t many of those around. Most shelters euthanize the dogs after three days, or five days if they are chipped. This past year, there has been more dogs surrendered than ever before.

Renowned Heat & Air has stepped forward to offer $40,000 toward the project if Apollo can match the other $20,000. Anyone? Sounds like a great tax-deductible way to support a great cause.

Sandi Price
Robson Ranch

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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