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Local father discovers the benefits of CBG

Jawahar Miryala could have taken the easy route with his fascination for hemp and its health benefits by selling mainstream products like THC or CBD. But that would mean he’d risk blending in with everyone else who chose to do the same thing. His son Saaketh, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 4 months old and has suffered from seizures and other health issues for the past 18 years, deserved better. So he followed his gut and chose a lesser-known compound called CBG.

Fast forward to today, and Miryala is the proud owner of Bhuvi Farm, where he’s spent the last few years growing, picking, drying, and trimming his own hemp, then extracting and manufacturing all-natural full spectrum CBG products.

“I have a personal relationship with CBG because of our son, so my goal is to spread the word about its benefits,” Miryala said. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the commercial production of hemp and authorized states to submit plans to administer hemp programs.

“Our son is doing better; his daily seizures aren’t near as frequent as they used to be. On some days, he doesn’t have any, and I’d like to think it’s because of the benefits of CBG. So for us, it’s ‘so far, so good.’ I would love for more people to benefit.”

CBG is one of over 100 naturally-produced cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. While there is limited research on the compound, early studies and scientific analysis of CBG show tremendous promise. Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive, so users can experience the benefits of cannabis without the high. The immediate effects include relaxation and pain relief.

“You can find someone selling CBD anywhere. We were interested in CBG instead,” Miryala said. “Perfecting our product line took years, but we are thrilled to offer full spectrum, solvent-free CBG oil tincture, pain relief roll-on, and pain relief balm using our 100% Texas-grown hemp, extracted and manufactured at Bhuvi Farm.”

Miryala offers fast and convenient delivery of all CBG products to residents of Flower Mound and surrounding areas. It is also available at the Farmers’ Market in Flower Mound every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To learn more, please visit or call 1-877-CBG-NOW-0.

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