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Pastor’s Place: Mothers exemplify meaning of true love

By Calvary Callender, Lead Pastor, Lantana Community Church

Mothers are often the first teachers we have in life, teaching us most of what we know in our early years. I can still remember when my mom taught me to tie my shoes. We were going to go to the store and I went in to the room to put my shoes on. I thought a good way to tie them was to knot them all the way up, but she didn’t think that was as good an idea as I did.

Not only did mom teach me life lessons, she taught me what love is and was an example of that love daily. So what is love? Love is one of the most overused and misunderstood words in human history. For example, when we say we love God we don’t mean in the same way we love cake. To love is to act intentionally, in response to God and others, to promote wellbeing.

Did you catch that? Love is promoting the wellbeing of others. Love is an action, a verb. It is something you do. Loving actions are intentional, deliberate. Sometimes something unintended might produce something good, but only intentional actions can be said to come out of love. We don’t “accidentally” love someone.

According to our definition, love also involves a response. Because we are all relational beings, love involves being affected by others. God is the source and inspiration of our capacity to act intentionally for others’ wellbeing. Or as the disciple, John, said “we love because God first loved us.”

Finally, love promotes wellbeing. The idea of wellbeing is found in the Hebrew word Shalom and is really just a full-bodied happiness. Therefore, to say love promotes wellbeing is to suggest that love promotes wholeness.

Love is one of the most amazing gifts we as humans can bestow on each other. Imagine the good that could be done in the world if people truly loved each other in a way that promoted each other’s wellbeing. This is what my mom taught me, but it is something she learned from Jesus. Let’s make an effort to love each other like this and make our community a better place!

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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