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C. Stroup: I know he’s just a little boy

Time once again for an update on the grandkidlets…but this time my focus is on Ryker Roo. The girls are a few years older and more mature than their younger brother, Ryker. But somehow he’s far more mischievous than they ever were at his age (5). (Oh, so brings to mind their father back in the day)! And so, too, along with mischief-making comes the inherent ability to charm your socks off.

Upon a recent visit, “The Stroup Storm” came bursting through the door. “CiCi!  Cappy! We’re here!” Those were the words of Jaci and Gabby as they flung their arms around our necks. Ryker, who was bringing up the rear, sauntered in and while walking toward me asked, “CiCi, do you have any surprises for us?”  Before giving him my answer I asked if he had a hug for me. Reluctantly he brushed his body past my legs. And that was that.

I’m in the habit of letting the kids each take a sports drink home with them…they can pick which color they want. So now, with head tilted and a devilish smile, Ryker approaches me, just out of reach, and wants to know if they can have a drink to take home. My stash was low so I explained that this time they would have to share and just take one drink with them. He stuck out his lower lip and started to pout. And then he snitched on me to his mom. “Cici will only give us one drink to take home!” My bad.

A candy dish we keep on the kitchen hutch counter is always brim full of mint balls. It’s not unusual for the grandkids to help themselves to a couple while they visit. They are melt-in-your-mouth delicious but two is the limit. Ryker has proven time and again that he does not like them. He’s so predictable…in the mouth, over to the trash can (with luck) and an exaggerated spitting sound then follows. This is accompanied by “these are YUK!” There are times when they end up atop the wooden counter of the hutch. This makes for a sticky mess. I admonish him whenever I can catch him in the act. (No wonder I don’t get hugs). Last go round, he was peeking out from behind his dad’s arm, eyes riveted on mine. He was slyly trying to abscond with several mints. “Ryker, you can’t have those because you don’t even like them and you will waste them,” I busted him. “Gee I was just getting one for you, CiCi,” he countered with a smug expression and tossed it toward my lap. (I prefer to think he was tossing it at my lap and not throwing it at me).

I keep a plethora of toys for the kids and the girls know all too well where they are. They do get them out but only after first asking if they can play with them. Ryker, on the other hand, pulls all the toys out at one time and then quickly abandons his stash to find some mischief to get into. He mixed three different puzzles’ pieces all together in one big heap after insisting he “needed” to “work” on puzzles…It appears his definition of such is quite different from mine. I will say he did pick up after himself. He jammed all the pieces into one box and in Ryker fashion made the cardboard lid fit if you get my drift!

Upon cornering me in the kitchen he cocked his head and grinned real big then coyly asked if I would make something sweet to eat right now. “Nope, Ryker Roo, there isn’t enough time for that. But next visit I will and you can even help me make some muffins.” “Do I have to help?” he whined. I just shook my head and told him there was a street named after him. He looked confused so I clarified. “One Way.” He still looked confused.

Always saving the wishbones from the baked chickens the kids have a ball making a wish and pulling hard on the ends. Doesn’t matter which of the girls loses they take it in stride. Ryker cries.

Time for them to exit and the girls generously doled out hugs and kisses. Ryker made his escape with a beeline for the van. While crawling in to the back seat he announced, “I’m not giving any hugs, so there!” And to be honest, at this point, I didn’t even want one of his damn precious hugs.

While a bit of a dickens he might be right now

This he’ll outgrow even if it’s slowly somehow.

But I do believe without a doubt

In the years to come he will find out

 That giving hugs is truly what it’s all about!

C. Stroup
C. Stroup
Cindy Stroup is a Double Oak resident and has been contributing to The Cross Timbers Gazette for over 30 years. Read her column each month in The Cross Timbers Gazette newspaper.

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