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LETTER: Cindy Richter is the right choice for Highland Village City Council

I am writing this letter to earnestly ask you to vote for Cindy Richter, Highland Village City Council, Place 3. I’ve known Cindy for 42 years and know her to be a woman of integrity, humility, compassion, conviction, and strength—all qualities we need more of in our leaders. Whether for her family, her friends, her clients, or her community, she believes “home” should be a place of beauty, comfort, and safety. And “home” is Highland Village.

Cindy believes the number one priority to securing the future of Highland Village is to diversify municipal income. Highland Village relies primarily on property taxes to fund municipal services and amenities. Property taxes, at current levels, from existing businesses and homeowners do not allow sufficient latitude for expanding these services or adding desired amenities. Cindy proposes establishing an Economic Development Board to explore ways to broaden the tax base and increase municipal income while keeping the values established for Highland Village.

A second issue Cindy wants to address is the salary deficiencies experienced by public safety personnel. Highland Village is renowned in the region for the quality of training received by our police and fire officers. As such they are highly sought after by departments in surrounding towns. Too often, they are leaving Highland Village for higher paying jobs elsewhere. No one can blame them—they have families to take care of and responsibilities to meet. Cindy believes Highland Village has a responsibility as well to adequately compensate those who put their lives on the line to keep the city safe.

Cindy wants only the best for Highland Village. If you want what’s best for Highland Village too, I urge you, on May 6, vote Cindy Richter for Highland Village City Council, Place 3.

Patricia Simms

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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