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Double Oak Police Beat

Recent calls for service provided by the Double Oak Police Department:

12/15/22 – Vehicle Complaint– E. Carruth Ln – Officer responded to a report vehicles racing down the street and pulling into a driveway.  Officer made contact with parents of one of the drivers.

12/16/22 – Burglary– Justin Rd – Officer responded to reports of people outside of his home on the property.

12/16/22 – Agency Assist Lantana- Juvenile Complaint- Sonic Lantana – Officer responded to reports of multiple teenagers loitering at location after manager asked them to leave.  Officer cleared teenagers from the area.

12/18/22 – Theft– Twin Lakes Dr – Officer responded to report of stolen jewelry from the residence by a suspected known individual.

12/19/22 – Meet Complainant– Double Oak PD – Officer met with complainant to discuss having sent intimate pictures to a stranger on a social media account.

12/19/22 – Agency Assist Deadly Conduct– Justin Rd – Officer responded to area of deadly conduct / reckless driver where one person pointed a gun at another vehicle while driving.  Officer was unable to locate suspect vehicle.

12/20/22 – Meet Complainant– Ridgebriar Ln – Officer contacted the caller by phone who had an argument with another resident of the home while shopping. Officer explained options to complainant.

12/23/22 – Road blockage– High Oaks Dr – Officer responded with fire department to a tree that was knocked down by a trash service truck. Tree was cleared from the roadway.

12/23/22 – Suspicious Activity – Justin Rd – While patrolling a parking lot of a closed business, officer discovered an occupied parked vehicle.  Officer discovered drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and issued multiple citations.

12/23/22 – Agency Assist Bartonville– Reckless Drivers- Justin Rd- Officer assisted Bartonville in searching for multiple reckless drivers in the area racing.

12/24/22 – Burglary– Highview Dr – Deputies responded to reports of someone attempting to open a door to residence.  Deputies did not locate anyone in the area.

12/26/22 – Agency Assist Suspicious Activity -Copper Canyon– Warwick Trl– Officer responded to someone possibly stealing from construction site.  Officer located individual and determined he was picking up small scrap metal pieces from the roadway and not from job sites.

12/26/22 – Road Blockage- Double Oaks Dr – Officer responded to report of a broken down mail truck blocking the roadway.

12/27/22 – Road Blockage- Highland Village- Justin Rd – Officer located a broken down 18-wheeler in the road. Officer provided traffic control until Highland Village PD arrived.

12/28/22 – Suspicious Activity- Oakview Dr– Officer responded to report of a male seen on video surveillance in the caller’s backyard. Officer determined subject was there to install cable lines for the cable company.

12/28/22 – Gas Leak- Maple Leaf Dr– Officer assisted with traffic control while fire department worked a gas line leak caused by construction crew.

12/29/22 – Burglary- Twin Lakes Dr– Officer responded to a burglary report where resident’s vehicle was entered while parked in his garage. Victim stated his wallet was stolen and credit cards used locally.

12/29/22 – Forgery / Fraud- Thornhill Cir – Officer responded to a fraud report where victim reported money wire fraud from his bank accounts.

12/30/22 – Found Property- Justin Rd – Officer located an identification card belonging to a resident in Lantana while patrolling a local business parking lot. Officer returned the ID card to the owner.

12/31/22 – Traffic Stop- Kings Rd – Officer located drug paraphernalia on a traffic stop.  Driver was cited and released.

1/1/23 – Disturbance- Victory Ln – Officer responded to report of a disturbance where one party attempted to leave the scene and struck another vehicle in the driveway. Officer made an arrest for assault family violence.

1/2/23 – Agency Assist Disturbance- Jasmine St Lantana – Officer responded to assist Deputy with scene control while they investigated a verbal disturbance.

1/3/23 – Agency Assist -Welfare Concern- Justin Rd / Simmons Rd – Officer responded to check welfare of someone having a medical problem on the side of the road.

1/5/23 – Agency Assist -Suspicious Activity- Monahan Dr in Lantana – Officer assisted Deputies in searching residence after homeowner found garage open.

1/6/23 – Loose Livestock- Cross Timbers Dr – Officer responded to reports of three horses loose in the area.  Officer assisted in returning horses to owner’s property.

 1/6/23 – Suspicious Activity- Meadowknoll Dr – Officer responded to report of a male walking with a bucket near people’s storage sheds. Officer located the subject and determined he was cutting through property after walking his child to school and was looking for metal debris while walking.

1/6/23 – Suspicious Activity- Whistling Duck Ln – Officer responded to report of someone shining a flashlight and having walked on his property. Officer determined subject was father shining light for his kids while they played.

1/6/23 – Agency Assist Lantana- Juvenile Complaint- Sonic Lantana – Officer provided cover while Deputies cleared out loitering juveniles.

1/7/23 – Agency Assist Welfare Concern- Justin Rd Bartonville – Officers assisted in checking welfare of elderly male seen walking on the side of the road.  Officers located his spouse to pick him up.

1/10/23 – Traffic Accident- Timberleaf Ct – Officer responded to a vehicle crash notification. Officer checked the area and was unable to locate accident. App subscriber contact was made and driver stated he braked hard possibly causing the emergency alert.

1/10/23 – Agency Assist Intoxicated person- Justin Rd – Officer responded to assist Bartonville with an intoxicated person at a liquor store. Subject was arrested for public intoxication.

 1/10/23 – Agency Assist Lantana- Juvenile Complaint- Sonic Lantana – Officer provided assistance for manager in telling juveniles to leave property.

1/11/23 – Theft – Cross Timbers Dr – Officer responded to report of someone having stolen her airline miles.

1/12/23 –Traffic Accident – Chapel Hill Ct – Officer responded to report of someone having destroyed their brick mailbox.  Officer was able to locate driver of vehicle to coordinate repairs.

1/14/23 –Suspicious Activity – E. View Ct – Officer responded to investigate a glass breaking noise from inside the home heard by homeowner. Officer determined a glass fixture fell from a ceiling fan.

1/15/23 – Agency Assist-Suspicious Activity – Justin Rd Bartonville – Officer responded to assist Bartonville PD investigating a juvenile trying to purchase alcohol with a fake ID.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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