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Weir: Argyle mayor explains Oncor’s transmission proposal

Oncor Electric Delivery is proposing a new transmission line through southwest Denton County. The company, the largest transmission and distribution electric utility in Texas, is considering several different routes, some of which enter west Flower Mound. The proposed Ramhorn Hill-Dunham 345 kV Transmission Line Project will connect two proposed switches, one south of Rhome in Wise County and the other located southeast of the FM 1171 and Hwy 377 interchange.

In November, Oncor contacted property owners within 500 feet of the potential proposed routes. On Dec. 7-8, 2022, the company held public meetings about the project. The Flower Mound Town Council met in closed session during its Dec. 19 regular meeting to consult with the Town attorney about the project. Once reconvened in open session, Town Council voted 5-0 to pass a resolution expressing concern about the impacts the project will have on Flower Mound residents.

Transmission lines are the high voltage conductors that move electricity from power plants to distribution systems, which deliver electricity to your homes and businesses. Ensuring adequate transmission capability is essential for electric reliability. It may help to think of them as “highways” for electricity. In the same way that highways are built to ensure that you and your family get from one place to another, transmission lines are necessary to make sure that electricity gets from where it is produced to where it is consumed.

Argyle Mayor Bryan Livingston has some thoughts on the transition line and asked for an interview in order to inform area residents of the proposal. He sent the following short bio:

“Bryan and his wife Barbara are the parents of three daughters, who are all graduates of Argyle HS. Molly went on to UCLA, earning her degree in 2019. Identical twins Audrey and Chloe are studying at the University of Texas at Austin and Rice University. Argyle ISD has enriched the life of their family, through involvement in band (Bryan is a veteran of the prop crew and Barb was an active band booster), theater, UIL academics and Argyle Tennis. The Livingston family is grateful for the small-town environment and the culture of achievement in sports, academics and the arts that Argyle ISD and the Town of Argyle provided.

“Bryan has been a dedicated community leader in North Texas for almost two decades. In 2002, he became President of the University Place Neighborhood Association in Fort Worth, a voluntary civic association that waged a multi-year effort to preserve a single-family bungalow neighborhood near the TCU campus targeted by real estate investors and the university. Under Bryan’s leadership, UPNA was ultimately successful, and their effort became a model for the preservation of established neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

“Bryan was also a key citizen negotiator on the team that created landmark natural gas lease agreements put in place for Barnett Shale urban drilling in Fort Worth. His strong leadership of UPNA led to his recognition by Historic Fort Worth in 2006 for his dedication to the preservation of the quality of life for citizens living in the city’s urban neighborhoods. Bryan’s community involvement also includes serving as the president of a private school board and in church council leadership positions.

“When Bryan, his wife Barbara, and their three daughters moved to Argyle in 2012, he became an active volunteer-leader in the town, taking a specific interest in the zoning and development issues that impact public safety and the quality of life of Argyle citizens. Bryan’s involvement as a citizen of Argyle and his leadership experience led to an appointment to the Town Council in October 2019, his election to Town Council Place 1 in November of 2020 and his election to Mayor of Argyle in May of 2021.” More info at:

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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