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Foodie Friday: Top 15 of 2022

Wow, it has been a great year for us at Foodie Friday! We have the support of so many amazing fans who watch our videos each and every week. Our restaurants are seeing increased traffic thanks to our episodes. And we got to eat a lot of amazing food and try out tons of new places!

In fact, this year was SO amazing that instead of counting down our Top 10 episodes like we usually do, we’ve had to expand it to our Top 15!

If you’ve missed out on any of our episodes this year, here’s a great way to catch up.

#15: Chandler’s Kitchen + Bar

#14 Motor City Pizza

#13: (It’s a 3-Way Tie!)

Linnybird Bakeshop

Dizzy Lucy’s

Marty B’s Coffee

#10: Hilltop

#9: (Another Tie!)

Elm Fork Taphouse

The Barrel

#7: LSA Burger Grandscape

#6: Graffiti Pasta

#5: Awesome Times TX

#4: Northlake Cafe

#3: Walter’s Tavern

#2: Flurry’s Market & Provisions

#1: Di Abruzzo

Honorable Mentions:





Jay Marks
Jay Marks
Realtor Jay Marks reviews local restaurants and interviews interesting people. Contact him today: 972-724-2540.

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