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Meet the Candidates: State House District 63

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, southern Denton County voters will cast their ballots for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, U.S. representative and other state and county leaders. Also on the ballot is a $650 million bond referendum to improve roads, bridges and highways across Denton County.

Early voting runs from Monday, Oct. 24 to Friday, Nov. 4 at 49 locations around the county.

The last day to apply to vote by mail is Oct. 28.

Find more voter information on the Denton County Elections Administration website at

The Cross Timbers Gazette emailed questionnaires to candidates in selected contested elections. Below is the Mission Statement for each candidate for Texas State House Representative, District 63.


Ben Bumgarner

Benjamin Bumgarner, 38

I will be a voice for my constituents in HD 63. I plan on being a fighter for property tax reform, securing our southern border and limiting government. As a small business owner I want to do whatever I can to relieve this economic strife for the district. Texas will be a beacon for the rest of the United States and that policy will come from Denton County.


H. Denise Wooten, 62

I am firmly committed to helping lead our state toward reason-based, humane policies that enhance the lives of ordinary citizens. As a psychologist with a successful practice in Flower Mound, I know the importance that individual rights play in our daily lives. Being safe from gun violence, making decisions about our own bodies, and deciding what is best for our families should not be left up to those who do not value individual needs. I will work for the good of all people in my district.

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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