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Lantana Crime Watch — June 2022

The following are some recent police calls in Lantana:

4/26 – 9200 block Colorado Bend – Resident reported that an unknown person used his debit card.

4/25 – 1800 block Goliad Way – Resident reported that an unknown person used her social security number and took money out of her savings account.

5/2 – 1000 block Dayton Dr. – Resident reported an unknown person used her information online to open a bank account.

5/11 – 1500 block Trinidad Way – Resident reported credit card fraud.

5/16 – 700 block Hayden Rd. – Deputies responding to a report of an intoxicated person found a woman lying in the driveway of a neighbor’s home. She was arrested for Public Intoxication and booked into the Denton County Jail.

5/18 – 10300 block Lantana Trail – A boy fell off the back of a golf cart and was transported to the hospital.

Summer Safety

Summer is here! As many of you are planning to enjoy this summer season with your family, please stay safe and remember that criminals don’t take a summer break. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, property crimes occur at higher rates during the summer than during any other season.

Here are just a few Denton County Sheriff’s Office tips to help you and your family have a safe and enjoyable summer.


  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended with its windows down or doors unlocked. Secure your vehicle AT ALL TIMES, EVEN AT HOME!
  • Make sure all valuables are out of sight or removed from your vehicle.
  • Do not leave children or pets left unattended in vehicles. Please note temperatures inside of a vehicle can be considerably warmer than the temperature outside. Excessive heat can cause serious injury or death.


  • If you are going out of town, communicate with your neighbors or someone you trust that can keep an eye on your home.
  • Make sure your home is locked up and secure.
  • Stop your mail or have family/friends retrieve it for you.
  • Set a light on a timer inside of your home to create the appearance of activity inside.
  • Exterior motion sensor lighting can aide in deterring crime.
  • Keep valuables away from public view through a window etc.  Place valuables in a safe if possible.
  • Do not post your vacation plans on social media.


  • Be proactive – make a plan in case you get separated during a family outing and have a meeting place and time.
  • Provide a list of phone numbers of neighbors, family and friends that your children can call in an emergency. Make sure they know how to dial 911 and when it is appropriate to do so.
  • If your child or teen will be alone a significant amount of time, check in with them often.
  • Monitor internet and social media activity to make sure children and teens are visiting appropriate sites.
  • If your children are bike riders have them wear safety helmet and pads for protection and make sure they know their boundaries for safety.


We are currently hiring several positions! If you are interested in a career in Law Enforcement, join Denton County Sheriff’s Office and be a part of a great organization.  Visit our website to apply:

Don’t forget to download the new Denton County Sheriff’s Office smartphone mobile App.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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