Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Equine-based Universal Academy coming to Bartonville

Sometime in 2023, a unique educational facility will open in Bartonville.

Started 20+ years ago by sisters Janice Blackmon and the late Diane Harris, Universal Academy will open an additional charter school location at CJ’s Legacy Ranch on FM 407, joining those in Coppell and Irving.

Universal Academy strives to create an environment where children get hands-on, real-world experience, and their equine program is no exception.

“Her focus was that children should receive a quality education because it is their birthright,” said Flower Mound resident Blackmon of Harris, who died May 6. “She also believed that all students are gifted and talented. We have to look for the gift.”

While the current locations have nearly 2,000 combined students, Bartonville will be a specialty academy with a maximum of 524 students. In addition to regular core subjects, students will be able to take college preparatory courses in equine-based animal science, including horse therapy, therapeutic horse, manipulative hand therapy, and equestrian. The ranch currently hosts about 50 horses available for lessons and shows.

Universal Academy is the only public school in Texas licensed to offer the Cambridge curriculum. This curriculum is highly sought after and used in European countries and in the United States and produces high academic achievers. It develops successful students, giving them excellent preparation for their next steps in education and has the advantage of being recognized by universities and employers worldwide.

Most importantly, it trains students to apply their knowledge in different contexts rather than just accumulate it. The ability to think critically is becoming an increasingly sought-after commodity in today’s rapidly changing world.

“The key we want to promote is knowledge through learning. Through learning, you develop. Through development, you create. If you create, you become leaders,” Blackmon said.

Applications are now available, and informational parent meetings and tours are being conducted for the Bartonville campus.

For more information, visit universalacademy.com.


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