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LETTER: Melson campaign does not pass the smell test

After receiving four professional USPS-delivered mailers and then being treated to a full-page and a separate half page ad in this month’s Gazette, then several weeks of paid Facebook ads and a dedicated campaign website, I went online and pulled Bartonville mayoral candidate Bridget Melson’s April 8th Texas Candidate/Officeholder (income/expense) Report and did some math.

From start through April 8th plus Facebook since April 8th (Facebook grand total = $6,109) Bridget has spent a total of $16,841.29 plus the website (not on report) plus the cost of copywriting the Bridget4Mayor slogan (not on report) plus new expenses between April 8th and today. Of that, she received $449 from donations originating in California and a $99 donation from Oklahoma. Zero from Texas and Bartonville except her husband donated $5,000, which I’m counting as her personal funds.

Records reflect that she has personally spent $16,293.29 to win a small-town election for an unpaid volunteer position. Why??? I personally prefer Jaclyn but wouldn’t have been upset in the least with a Melson win up until I uncovered the above information. I even forgave her PBS interview in which she claimed she was the cavalry and was here to save Texas. But I am fundamentally opposed to a candidate who appears to be buying an election because she either has money to burn or there is an ulterior motive we’re not seeing or understanding. Change my mind!!!

I’m sending this to you because I was asked to sit in on three candidate interviews after several members of Keep Bartonville Country couldn’t be present and suddenly I’ve been identified as one of the “four old men” who run Bartonville which I find hysterical and a way, way off course. If KBC is perceived as running Bartonville, so be it, but it’s pretty obvious that they have done a 100% accurate wonderful job of Keeping Bartonville Country and from falling into the same rat holes as Argyle and Copper Canyon with stupid zoning changes. I like them no matter who runs it and what their tactics are.

Jim Lieber
Bartonville, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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