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Senior Talk DFW — March 2022

SPRING – a time for new beginnings. The weather warms up, flowers bloom, and life changes happen. While there are new beginnings, there are also endings.

In our family we lost my mother-in-law on February 12th after a long battle with a bone marrow disease. Her ending took her to her heavenly home and a place of no more pain. The new beginning is a life without her, especially for her daughter and son. What does that world look like? What do the memories look like?

At our national convention in February, our keynote speaker was Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage.” It was very powerful!

Our brain is a magnificent organ. It has the power to change our lives depending on what we feed it. If we feed it negativity we’ll view the world through a negative filter. If we feed it positivity and gratitude we’ll view the world through a positive filter. We have the power to change how we view the world.

How can we change our life outlook in this time of new beginnings in spring? Start with three gratitudes a day; whether it’s before you go to bed or when you first wake up.

Don’t repeat them and don’t just say “I’m grateful for my son/daughter.” Have your brain scan for specific gratitudes. An example would be “I’m grateful my daughter called today,” or “I’m grateful I saw friends at the senior center today.” Do this consistently for 21-28 days and see how your outlook changes. It could be a new beginning for you.

What new beginning do you want to see in your life? A better relationship with a loved one? Say three specific gratitudes a day to that person and watch the relationship change. It can be as simple as “I appreciate you starting dinner,” or “thank you for picking up my prescription.” Little things can become big things. Sometimes it’s retraining ourselves to be aware of those things and then commenting on them.

Is your new beginning a different home? Is it time to downsize or right-size? You’re invited to the Flower Mound Senior Center on March 9th from 12-1 p.m., lunch included, for “Downsizing Made Easy – 5 Easy Steps to a Successful Move.” Please let me know if you’re coming. Have questions?  469-616-0561

Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty –  [email protected]

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