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Lantana Crime Watch — February 2022

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphree

Lantana had 128 calls for service for the month of December. Deputies responded to 23 alarm calls, 28 traffic-related calls (which includes traffic stops, traffic complaints, road hazards and traffic accidents) and 49 self-initiated calls.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office currently has two police dogs, commonly referred to as K-9s. Our K-9 teams have been responsible for numerous seizures of illegal drugs, arrests of persons trafficking and using illegal drugs and criminal apprehensions.

K9 Maximus (Max) is a Belgian Malonois and was born on April 17, 2017 in The Netherlands. Six months later Max was purchased by World Wide Canine, Inc., located in Spring Branch, Texas. On July 21st, 2018 Max was acquired by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and after his six weeks of training was placed in service.

Max is trained to locate illegal narcotics and patrol work which includes, tracking article searches for physical evidence and apprehension which includes chasing a fleeing suspect and sinking his teeth into them if needed.

Max currently trains 16 hours a month for the Sheriff’s Office and an additional 24 hours a month on his personal time with a professional decoy. This additional work keeps Max extremely sharp while on duty.

Max and his handler, Deputy Joe Salvato, are a great team. Max resides with the Salvato family and when he isn’t on duty at the Sheriff’s Office Max gets along great with Deputy Salvato’s two daughters, grandchildren and four German Shepherds.

Max holds the following certifications: USPCA for patrol work, NPCA for narcotics and NNDDA for narcotics.

K9 Aico is our rookie K9. Aico is a German Shepard and was born on October 13, 2018 in The Netherlands. K9 Aico came to the United States shortly after birth to begin his police K9 training. K9 Aico trained at US K9 Unlimited in Louisiana. Deputy Corey Halfmann joined Aico for a five week Dual Purpose Handler School last March. After completing the course, K9 Aico joined the Halfmann family and started work for the Denton County Sheriff’s Office.

Max and Aico are a tremendous asset to the Sheriff’s Office and in keeping Denton County safe and crime free.

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Don’t forget to download the new Denton County Sheriff’s Office smartphone App. The App is designed to keep the citizens within Denton County safe by providing the latest updates and information from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office. Some of those features include an inmate search, general jail information, a map of sex offender locations, the top ten most wanted list, Sheriff’s Office contacts, the ability to submit a tip to Crime Stoppers and current job openings with links to apply. The App also provides users with alerts and notifications on emergencies or events that may impact their area. Search Denton County Sheriff, TX in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download this free App today.

We are currently hiring several positions! If you are interested in a career in Law Enforcement, join Denton County Sheriff’s Office and be a part of a great organization. Visit our website to apply:

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CTG Staff
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