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Weir: Brian Brazeal challenging Burgess in GOP primary

Bartonville resident Brian Brazeal, an energy sector entrepreneur, is running in the Republican primary, scheduled for March 1, 2022, against Congressman Michael Burgess (R-26thDistrict).

The following bio and website were sent by Mr. Brazeal:

“I come from a multi-generational North Texas family that can trace its first ancestors to 1849 after participating in Peters Colony land grants. I have lived in the North Texas area since 1972. We moved to Flower Mound, Texas in 1993 after which we subsequently moved to Bartonville, Texas in 1999 where we currently reside. I am 55 years old and have been married to my wife of 28 years. We have three children, twin boys that are 24 years old and a younger son that is 20. In addition to our three biological children, we have hosted six German Pais apprentices in our home, that have become our extended family.

“They each served for a year through our local church, RockPointe. Pais is a discipleship-led organization that offers a human catalyst to create partnerships between local schools, community initiatives, businesses, and churches for positive change in Denton County. Faith has been the cornerstone of our lives. We have been active in two church plants in Flower Mound, the second of which we are still very active in being RockPointe Church. My wife and I have been active in Denton and North Texas initiatives for change including Denton Refuge for Women (a home for sex trafficked women seeking a way out), Cornerstone Church in South Dallas (a food kitchen) several times a month, and the Men of Nehemiah (a drug and alcohol recovery ministry in South Dallas.)

“I enjoy long distance running and have completed 5 marathons and continue a very active lifestyle. We believe in GOD and faith informs all decisions of integrity and moral aspects that I consider. As a passionate highly-motivated business leader, with an outstanding record of successful leadership. I bring an innovative high energy leadership style with a long entrepreneurial history of participating in business startups and turnarounds across several differing markets. I have a history of being a creative proactive problem solver adept at leading multiple complex projects in dynamic fast-paced environments, while maintaining a solid reputation of professionalism and integrity.

“I participated in several business energy startups, and was a National Speaker through the Society of Petroleum Engineers from Alaska, California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas on secondary and tertiary green oil field recovery techniques. I was invited to be Speaker at University of Kansas TORP (tertiary oil recovery project symposium) as well as speaker at the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council on improved oil recovery techniques in Jackson, MS. Through our life experiences we bring a very personal understanding of what it is like to live in our community. We faced every manner of struggles and sought balance as we raised all of our children in Denton County, brought them up through the public school system, and sought to serve in our community.

“The United States is in a pivotal position in all of our lives. Competing narratives abound in our vast Country today. We have to put dynamic vocal leaders in positions of service in office. Our congressional district is one of the fastest growing districts in the State of Texas. We have to nominate and elect those that have a servant-leader heart and dedication. I bring a passion to serve and lead that will not be extinguished by the enormous challenges we presently face at the local and national level.”

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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