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GOOD’s Thoughts — December 2021

As December comes, the temperatures fall but our spirits rise as we approach the holidays and the promise of glad tidings in a New Year! While 2021 has not seen quite the same pall of sorrow that 2020 brought us, most of us would agree that we will be happy to see 2021 go by its way and welcome 2022’s promises.

Undoubtedly, whether it is your accountant, your online tax software, or one of the tax professionals you use… you are soon to be inundated with questions of 401K & IRA contributions, gifts to loved ones, 179 Deductions and more to reduce your 2021 taxes. Most of us likely want to do that in one way or another…

For either personal or business reasons, another item you may want to consider is a separate mailbox from your home.

For personal reasons, a separate mailbox can reduce the connection of your mail and the ne’er-do-wells & scoundrels who seek to part you with your goods… like packages or credit cards. Stop those porch pirates in their tracks by having your packages go elsewhere, safe & secure.

For business reasons, a separate address can help separate personal from business activities and be helpful should someone try to “pierce the veil” (speak to your lawyer for legal matters – I am not one… nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn before writing this).

At PostNet, we have physical and virtual mailboxes. Physical mailboxes are just like you expect… a box with a key. Virtual mailboxes are especially helpful to those who travel or want an address in a specific city/area (usually for businesses). In either case, PostNet staff sorts and secures the mail and packages from all carriers. When you receive packages or important overnight mail, we notify you with an email. With virtual mail, we load an image into your online account, and then you tell us the disposition of each piece. Very handy for those who travel.

Stop by our Flower Mound or Northlake stores, visit or, or call 972-544-1230.

In the end, we wish you the happiest of celebrations this holiday season and a wonderful Happy New Year! See you soon!!

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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