Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Marketing Muse: Paying attention to your EXISTING clients should be a top marketing priority

By Kim Jackson

Recently a great realtor reminded me of something which compelled me to write this article – DON’T forget about your EXISTING and PAST customers. In theory if you did/are doing your job, they are already fans! We spend so much time trying to grow our businesses, that these precious assets can inadvertently take a back seat.

For existing clients: Why not schedule a fun promo? Throw in a free service or a Starbucks gift card next time they come in. This will be far cheaper than the ad dollars you’d have to spend to acquire a new client! And never underestimate a personal note, or phone call. Checking in periodically shows you genuinely care. I am also a big fan of surveys – what can you improve on? There will always be something! And offer a fun drawing as a reward for taking time out of their day to give you valuable feedback. They deserve a reward for giving you the gift of their time.

For past clients: It’s cliché, but a newsletter is a great way to stay in touch. Reminding past clients you exist, even briefly for a moment before they delete the email, is well worth your time.  But keep it short and sweet, scannable, and have great images. Send a joke! Or a seasonal recipe (if that appeals to your demographic). If you are a local business, I love sending football/basketball game schedules. Who hasn’t put a card like that on your refrigerator at some point? I always loved it when my realtor sent a nice Christmas ornament every year – we even looked forward to it!

Bottom line: Never sacrifice service or a quality product for the sake of growing your business. It’s easy to fall into that trap – put a reminder in your calendar. “What have I done for my existing clients this week?” Remember, 1 BAD review has the same impact as 12 great reviews.

Kim Jackson is owner and founder of Personal Brands Media, a micro-media marketing agency focused on small to medium sized businesses based in Flower Mound TX.


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