Thursday, March 23, 2023

LETTER: Idiocracy and irresponsibility

It seems that Jack Furst is getting tired of dealing with the idiocy that is Flower Mound’s Town Council and the irresponsible residents in west Flower Mound who failed to do their due diligence when they bought their houses.

Mr. Furst’s team issued a statement this week that basically says he is considering de-annexing from Flower Mound.

Why would he do this? Flower Mound’s failure to comply with the 2007 settlement agreement dealing with Mr. Furst land being annexed into Flower Mound. According to the settlement agreement, Mr. Furst is entitled to mixed-use zoning which includes office, single family homes, retail, and apartments.

The zoning Mr. Furst is entitled to has been in Flower Mound’s Master Plan way before the first house was sold in Canyon Falls or Trailwood.

Is it responsible to buy a home next to thousands of acres of open land without asking what was going to be built on the open land? Of course not. But these irresponsible homeowners want to make their poor decisions all of Flower Mound’s problem.

In a normal Town, these irresponsible homeowners would be told sorry, it is your responsibility to check what’s going to be next door when you buy a house. But not in Flower Mound. Our Council has continually showed deference to these folks (who are a tiny fraction of Flower Mound residents) and refused to comply with the 2007 settlement agreement.

So why should anyone who lives in east Flower Mound care? Mr. Furst has some of the best lawyers in the US and his chance of de-annexing and leaving Flower Mound high and dry are pretty good. The Town will spend millions trying to stop the de-annexation though. Any idea how many parks, trails, and street improvements that would pay for?

After he de-annexes, Mr. Furst will develop his property exactly how he pleases with no input from Flower Mound. And Flower Mound will not receive one dime of sales or property taxes from the development.

Those taxes are estimated to be in the billions over 20 years.

That money would go a long way to paying for replacing the aging infrastructure on the east side of Flower Mound. It would also pay for all of the soccer fields, tennis courts, performing arts centers and other things residents on the east side have given up because their tax dollars were paying for infrastructure so those irresponsible homeowners on the west side could have things like water, sewer, and roads.

Enough is enough!

Patsy Mizeur
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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