Thursday, March 23, 2023

High school braces for protest

The principal of Guyer High School in Denton sent an email to parents on Thursday afternoon asking that students refrain from staging a walkout on Friday to protest a “culture of sexual harassment” as police investigate an alleged sexual assault of a student by another student.

“Our expectation for all students is that they remain in class, and that teaching and learning continue,” stated Guyer Principal Shaun Perry in the email.

Some parents disagreed with Perry’s email.

“Do the right thing and be there tomorrow not to fight to keep the students in their classrooms, but to stand beside them, and their parents, as they finally say ENOUGH is ENOUGH,” said Lantana parent Mike Luzader in an email to Denton ISD Superintendent Dr. Jamie Wilson.

Luzader continued, “This is NOT the first time incidents have happened, but it’s always just swept under the rug to protect star athletes. No other young girl should ever have to go through what these girls have gone through. No girl should be afraid of going to school or walking into a bathroom or locker room alone because they fear boys on the football team will sexually assault them.”

In an email response to Luzader, Dr. Jamie Wilson said, “Our team has been working in lock step with the Denton PD. We will be addressing all aspects of this situation as well as seeking the truth in this situation. Our local police and school administration is doing their job.”

Guyer Principal Shaun Perry’s full email is below:

“Dear Wildcat Family: This week you may have noticed an increased presence of our partners, the Denton Police Department, on campus. As you may be aware, information has been circulating on social media regarding a student “walk-out” or protest that could occur sometime on tomorrow.

Currently, Denton ISD is in full cooperation with local law enforcement officials who are conducting a thorough investigation of an alleged incident that occurred between two students. We remain committed to assisting them in ensuring that the investigation’s integrity and confidentiality are maintained. We cannot share any specific details.

Our expectation for all students is that they remain in class, and that teaching and learning continue. The safety and security of our learning community remains our top priority, so we will adhere to the following expectations and ask that you share them with your student.

  • Teachers will be recording attendance as usual at the beginning of each block.
  • Our administrators, security personnel, and officers will monitor the potential protest site.
  • No outside visitors will be allowed to participate should a protest occur.

I have shared these expectations with our faculty and staff, and each of us stand ready to assist our students as we move forward. Our staff works tirelessly to provide the safest possible learning environment that fosters healthy relationships.

A key part of Guyer High School’s reputation is built on the accomplishments of our students and staff.  How we treat one another, including in person and online, also plays a part in that reputation. Please join me as I continue to celebrate the outstanding learning I see happening every day in our classrooms. I trust you will do the same.

Sincerely, Shaun Perry, Principal”

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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