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Northlake Notes — August 2021

And just like that, another summer is already wrapping up. School starts soon and everyone is adjusting to plans for how to handle a full back-to-school regimen.

This year the return to school is feeling more frenetic than last year as the pace of sports and pressures of back to school and back to work commutes begin to pick up.

The traffic we’ve been blessed to avoid for the last 18 months is coming back and with it the stresses of dawn to dusk away from home. Northlake has new things to share to help make life a little more convenient and safe.

First, our new stoplight at FM 407 and Cleveland Gibbs went online this month in time to provide needed protection for commuters and school buses crossing this difficult intersection. Two years in the making, this couldn’t have come any slower it seems, but now that it is here we can all breathe a little more going through that intersection. On to the next road and the next light…

Northlake Commons is coming on strong. 30+ businesses are already operational or will be very soon. The list includes many things that will make life much easier for busy families. Medical, restaurants, financial services, shipping, sports, city services and more are filling the space fast.

Especially welcome is the fact that the majority of these establishments are local entrepreneurs, many on their first foray into building a business on their own. I hope that you make time to check out each and every one you can. Do ask who the owner is… chances are they’ll be onsite working alongside their staff. They are working hard to make every experience memorable and win your long-term business. You might be surprised to know just how many of these owners live right down the street or the next neighborhood over.

Northlake continues to thrive. Recently, the North Central Texas Council of Governments put out their annual fastest growing cities list and as expected, Northlake blew away the competition with a 48% year over year population increase. It remains to be seen but on a percentage basis that may be the fastest growth rate not just in North Texas but in the state.

Home closings are averaging more than 100 a month YTD. To put that in perspective I often say, 10 people a day, and a street a week. The challenges of managing that growth are all around us. To cope with it we are anticipating adding almost a new staff member a month for the next couple years especially in police and public works.

Our capital project list is lengthy with many multi-million dollar water, sewer and road initiatives underway bringing infrastructure and commerce to the area to serve our community and maintain the standards of living we expect. There isn’t time or space to list all the things coming our way, but we are working hard to bring about a place we can all feel proud of.

For those thousands of new residents who joined us this year and the thousands more who have signed build contracts and are watching your home rise out of the Texas prairie we say, welcome home!

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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