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Aging in Style with Lori Williams: 5 tips to keep seniors hydrated this summer

As the temperature soars this summer, we all need to make sure we are staying hydrated, but it’s even more critical if you are a senior or caring for a senior.

As we age, there are several factors that make us more susceptible to dehydration, such as: decreased sense of thirst, medications, mobility issues, and cognitive impairment.

Dehydration in seniors is common and can cause serious health issues. To make it even more challenging, the symptoms of dehydration can be difficult to recognize. Signs to look for include: dry skin or loss of elasticity, dizziness, less frequent urination, dark-colored urine, and fatigue. Severe dehydration signs are even scarier, and can include confusion, rapid breathing and heartbeat, difficulty walking and severe cramping.

Preventing dehydration is KEY– following are 5 tips for staying hydrated:

  1. Drink up! Water is best, but you can always mix it up by adding fruit or flavoring. Coffee, tea and fruit juice also contain water.
  2. Keep water close by all day. Purchase a special mug or cup with a straw. There are several cups available that are designed for seniors who have arthritis or tremors.
  3. Consume foods with high water content. Did you know that the water content of a cucumber is 96%?! Other options include, tomato, watermelon, bell pepper, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries and apples.
  4. Popsicles! You can make your own from fruit juice or a juice/water mix.
  5. Smoothies (add high water content fruits & veggies), milkshakes and Ensure.

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Lori Williams is the owner of Lori Williams-Senior Services, LLC and the host of the podcast, “Aging in Style with Lori Williams.” For help with senior housing and services, contact Lori at 214-783-1222 or

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