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Senior Talk DFW — May 2021

Everyone has heard the adage, “buyer beware.” When it comes to real estate transactions in this crazy market, experts add the caution “seller beware,” particularly if the offer is an “as-is” proposition.

This is especially true for longtime homeowners, or families in probate situations, faced with repairs, lack of updates and years of memories and stuff.

Selling a home has become more complex in recent decades. Longtime homeowners want an easy solution to selling their home that maximizes equity and lessens the hassles of marketing and negotiations.

The challenge is mixed messages from wholesalers and investors looking to buy deeply discounted properties. Despite what they say, they don’t have the interests of the homeowner at the forefront.

If you haven’t been watching the real estate market, you may have no idea what your property is really worth, even if you haven’t kept up with the updates and or some repairs.

iBuyer Programs, you may have received letters from them offering you cash for your home, will offer you net proceeds less than if you sell through a more traditional method. You also don’t have representation looking out for your best interest. Several iBuyer programs give you an offer and then come back with a massive repair list which ends up costing you more money in the long run.

Wholesaling is another business we are seeing a lot. It sounds like fast cash and you get to just walk away without all the hassle. A wholesaler generally doesn’t actually purchase the home, they “flip the contract” to the end buyer who usually is another investor. If the wholesaler can’t find a buyer quickly enough, they cancel the contract and the seller still has the house.

An informed seller can maximize the return they receive on their investment and have someone looking out for their best interests. A great REALTOR® represents you to achieve YOUR goals.

Be wary, be informed! Want to know 6 options to sell your home? 469-616-0561

Our resource team can take so much off your plate. You go love on your loved ones, let us handle the details.

Edwena Potter, Certified Senior Housing Professional, Keller Williams Realty, 469-616-0561

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CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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