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Northlake Notes — May 2021

Northlake Mayor David Rettig

This May 1 election is a very important event in our town’s history. Having passed the 5,000 population mark in 2020, the residents of Northlake are considering adopting home rule status and the privileges that go along with it.

For several months at the tail end of last year, 19 residents of Northlake met and debated the merits of each aspect of home rule afforded to municipalities by the State of Texas. 

Some of those privileges include the rights for residents to petition their council to require consideration of an ordinance, call a referendum on something that the council passed or even recall an elected official. Other proposed changes include adopting modest term limits for elected officials, expanding the town council to 7 seats, and hiring a professional town manager and vest this role with some of the responsibilities currently with the mayor.

As the current Mayor, it might seem strange to say that it is best for our town to reduce the powers of the office I currently hold, but that is actually the case. As we grow, the demands of the day-to-day decision making should be made by someone with significant experience and training in public utilities and city management. The political control and policy-making responsibilities will remain with the council. This is the model that the majority of home rule municipalities follow. These changes are positive for our town and needed as we grow.

Whether or not the charter passes, we will be welcoming a new member of the town council, Mr. William Moore to Place 5, replacing Danny Simpson who has served Northlake for many years and whose wife serves on the board of NISD. I will miss his contributions to our town council and thank him for his years of service. Thank you Danny! 

Dr. Roger Sessions, in Place 4, is returning for another term and I will be serving a second term as mayor. It is our pleasure to continue to serve Northlake.

Finally, should the home rule charter pass, a new council seat will be filled by one of two candidates currently running for place 6, Wes Boyer and Jeff Nichols. I consider both friends and look forward to serving with whomever the residents of Northlake choose to select to represent them.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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