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Local election results

Election Night was a good one for most local incumbents.

Incumbent republicans held onto the U.S. House seat for Denton County, the area’s State Senate seat and two State House seats, as well as the county sheriff and Precinct 3 County Commissioner. Democrat Michelle Beckley was able to hold off challenger Kronda Thimesch in a tight race for State Rep. in District 65.

At the local level, a few incumbents didn’t fare quite as well. Ann Martin easily unseated Claudio Forest for Flower Mound Town Council Place 5, while Sandeep Sharma held on for a close victory over challenger David Johnson. Martin and Sharma took hard anti-apartment stances in their campaign platforms.

In Argyle, incumbents Bryan Livingston and Sherri Myers, along with newcomer Rick Bradford, earned seats on town council.

Flower Mound Town Council seat winners Ann Martin and Sandeep Sharma.

Voters in Northwest ISD rejected all aspects of a $986 million bond package to address growth and aging facilities and technology.

Argyle ISD board members Craig Hawkesworth and Dr. John Bitter will keep their seats.

In the race for Denton County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Bobbie Mitchell (R) fended off challenger Delia Parker-Mims (D).

One election is too close to call, even with 100% of precincts reporting. Four votes separate the yea and nay votes about whether to create a Municipal Development District in Argyle.

As of Friday, the county had received 27,772 mail-in ballots, which is more than usual but still a small percentage of the total number of votes cast. Mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Tuesday and received on Wednesday will count, and some overseas ballots can be counted if they arrive up to six days after Election Day. While the number of mail-in ballots received after Election Day is expected to be relatively small, it’s not impossible that they could impact a close local race.

An overwhelming majority of voters cast their ballots early. According to the county, 67% of registered voters voted early, so the early voting results in almost every race were indicative of the final unofficial results.

The total voter turnout in Denton County was 74.17 percent.

Listed below are the complete unofficial results for local races, starting with the local seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, then the local state senate and house seats, followed by county offices, local town council and school board seats, with all districts reporting at 100%. The unofficial numbers are courtesy of the Denton County Elections Office (and some include Tarrant and Wise County voting numbers, when applicable). The following list does not include every single race that was on Denton County ballots. If you are interested in a race not listed below, click here.

U.S. Rep., District 26

  • (R) Michael Burgess (i): 257,134
  • (D) Carol Iannuzzi: 158,029

State Senator, District 12

  • (R) Jane Nelson (i): 206,123
  • (D) Shadi Zitoon: 129,070

State Rep., District 63

  • (R) Tan Parker (i): 73,114
  • (D) Leslie Peeler: 35,283

State Rep., District 64

  • (R) Lynn Stucky (i): 47,990
  • (D) Angela Brewer: 39,389

State Rep., District 65

  • (R) Kronda Thimesch: 38,065
  • (D) Michelle Beckley (i): 40,416

District Judge, 431st Judicial District

  • (R) Jim Johnson: 224,880
  • (D) Diana Weitzel: 166,715


  • (R) Tracy Murphree (i): 279,130
  • (D) Freyja Odinsdottir (write-in): 16,743

Denton County Commissioner, Precinct 3

  • (R) Bobbie Mitchell (i): 43,470
  • (D) Delia Parker-Mims: 31,578


Place 1 

  • Bryan Livingston (i): 1,161
  • Tom Irwin: 952

Place 3

  • Sherri Myers (i): 1,262
  • Richard Spies: 885

Place 5

  • Rick Bradford: 1,314
  • CB Standridge: 886

Prop A (Creation of Municipal Development District)

  • For: 1,499
  • Against: 1,495

Prop B (Subject to Prop A’s approval, termination of the Argyle Economic Development Corporation)

  • For: 1,456
  • Against: 906

Town of Bartonville

Prop A (1/2-cent sales tax dedicated to street maintenance)

  • For: 877
  • Against: 144

Copper Canyon Town Council

Place 5

  • Bill Castleman (i): 271
  • Jeffrey Alan Mayer: 617

Prop A (Extend the Crime Control and Prevention District)

  • For: 732
  • Against: 192

Flower Mound Town Council

Place 2

  • Sandeep Sharma (i): 19,885
  • David Johnson: 17,877

Place 5

  • Claudio Forest (i): 9,097
  • Ann Martin: 27,245

Belmont (Harvest) Fresh Water Supply District #1

Two at-large seats

  • Charles Beagle (i): 312
  • Matthew Brown (i): 758
  • Travis Cooper: 798
  • Steven Glickman: 509

Northlake Town Council

Place 2

  • James Lambert (i): 1,051
  • Michael C. Ganz: 1,074

Argyle ISD

Place 1

  • Craig Hawkesworth (i): 3,950
  • Phyllis Clark: 3,731

Place 2

  • Dr. John Bitter (i): 4,030
  • Chad Gibson: 3,515

Northwest ISD

Place 6

  • Lillian Rauch (i): 26,750
  • Jennifer Zazula: 13,654

Place 7

  • Ron Hastings (i): 15,606
  • Jennifer Murphy: 24,679

Prop A ($938M for school facilities and capital improvements)

  • For: 21,573
  • Against: 32,123

Prop B ($24M for recreational facilities)

  • For: 18,417
  • Against: 35,332

Prop C ($9M for stadium renovations)

  • For: 15,413
  • Against: 38,138

Prop D ($16M for technology devices)

  • For: 23,603
  • Against: 29,950

Prop E (Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election)

  • For: 18,781
  • Against: 33,702

Mark Smith
Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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