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How to stay involved with DCTA during COVID-19

DCTA CEO Raymond Suarez

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has drastically changed many of our lives, how we go about our day and interact with others! Even with all the uncertainty, DCTA is committed to staying plugged in the many communities we serve to help with mobility, air quality, economic development and livability to keep Denton County moving forward!

Many of our community programs and services are still going strong during COVID-19 to help keep people involved with DCTA. See how you can stay engaged with us and provide feedback to help us continue to provide safe, mobility options for Denton County and other areas we serve.

Make Your Voice Heard with our Citizens’ Advisory Committee

Our Community Advisory Committee (CAC) provides a forum to exchange transit-related information between DCTA staff, its passengers and the community. Public participation and input are critical as we continue to expand the public transportation opportunities available throughout the region.

Due to COVID-19, our meetings are now being held virtually on a quarterly basis. Individuals representing all portions of Denton County are welcome to attend. Those serving in designated positions will receive a three-month local pass for fulfilling required duties. Not all participants are required to fill designated committee positions. Those who do not fill a position will receive a one-month local pass for fulfilling required duties.

CAC members are required to:

  • Attend quarterly meetings (virtual or when held in person)
  • Utilize public transportation, of any form, to provide relevant feedback and ideas
  • Share DCTA information through personal and/or professional channels to assist in the amplification of critical messaging
  • Share individual and community feedback regarding DCTA’s programs and services
  • Participate in service, program and satisfaction surveys
  • At minimum, volunteer at one DCTA-coordinated event per year

If you are a public transportation advocate and are interested in participating in the conversation, please fill out the CAC application on DCTA’s website and send it to Mary Worthington at [email protected].

Participate in our Social Service Agency Round Table “Virtual” Meetings

We’re almost at the two-year mark of hosting our new social service agency round table events in which we invite and meet with our partners from Denton, Highland Village and Lewisville to hear first-hand on how we can better serve our communities and residents who use our services.

At this time, we are hosting these meetings virtually and are still getting record attendance! Our team enjoys hearing all the ideas, concerns, compliments and recommendations on how we can continue to improve livability and mobility for those we serve. We host these events on a quarterly basis and invite all Denton County social service agencies to attend and collaborate with us and other partners to help fill service gaps and provide mobility options to those in need.

At DCTA, we continue with our commitment in increasing our community engagement efforts with our stakeholders, partners and riders. This is a top priority to us, especially during COVID-19, to not lose momentum to keep people involved in all things DCTA! For more information to stay involved with us during COVID-19, please visit our website

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
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