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Weir: The Results Center in Lakeside, the home of Tony Jeary International

Recently, I was invited to do an interview of some North Texas leaders in order to highlight the historical achievements of those who helped build the communities we cherish today. The interview was conducted at The Results Center, a think tank in Flower Mound, staffed by a team of executive strategists with years of experience in building successful careers. Although I had driven past it several times since its construction about a year ago, this was my first time entering the attractive edifice at the intersection of Lakeside Pkwy. and Surrey Lane. It was then that I first met the owner, Tony Jeary. My first impression of him was that he’s a guy with amazing people skills.

That impression has been reinforced each time we get together. Comfortable in his own skin, Tony has a natural affability that makes everyone around him feel like they’ve just run into an old friend.  Moreover, the confidence he enthusiastically exudes makes it evident why so many people come to him for advice on building their businesses and their personal success. In the video interview (below), Tony talks about how he built his career and the many companies and individuals that have come to him for advice on building theirs. As part of the interview, Tony takes me on a tour of his amazing Lakeside complex.

The Results Center, 2591 Lakeside Parkway, Flower Mound, serves as the headquarters for Tony Jeary International, where Tony helps high-achieving, top-performing organizations and leaders accelerate their results at a level and pace many never thought possible. Tony Jeary is known as the “results guy” because he has earned a reputation as someone who can develop the untapped potential in all of us. Have you been working hard for years, but haven’t achieved the level of success you sought? Maybe it’s because you haven’t been working with a strategic plan to get you where you want to be. If you were leaving on a road trip, you’d know which roads to travel in order to get to your desired destination. Suppose you wanted to drive from Dallas to Houston. Well, with Houston as your goal, you’d map out the best way to get there. You wouldn’t leave your driveway and simply drive south; would you?

The same thing applies to other goals in your life. Mapping out your success not only makes achievement more attainable; it makes it occur in less time. To use the road map analogy again; you might, or might not, get to Houston eventually if you just kept driving south. However, if you planned your trip, taking the most direct route, you’d definitely be there a lot sooner. Tony Jeary International, with over 1000 clients, has a solid, proven track record of helping people get results faster. Tony Jeary says “Every problem is a thinking problem. Change your thinking; change your results.” He is the author of 40 books on how to reach extraordinary levels of success. Industry leaders and executive teams have discovered him as a secret weapon and they regularly fly into DFW to meet with him at his Results Center and they leave with clarity, focus and a plan to execute. After meeting with Tony in his unique, private, strategic acceleration studio, industry leaders will invariably say that Tony is a difference maker. More info at:

Bob Weir
Bob Weir
Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.

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