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Keep your cool this summer

Dustin Neff, operations manager of Triple A Air Conditioning.

By Dustin Neff, General Manager
Triple A Air Conditioning & Heating

Have you checked the weather forecast recently? It is going to consistently be 90 degrees very soon and that could cause stress on your air conditioning system.

As it starts to warm up outside, the temperature inside of your home also starts to rise, which means your air conditioning system will start to run more. If your air conditioner is not serviced for the summer heat, it will lead to higher electric bills and cause more wear and tear on the system.

When conducting an AC maintenance visit, your technician can see problems starting that can be eliminated before they turn into an expensive disaster.

One problem we see in our area is that bugs, especially ants, like to get inside the electrical compartment for the warmth in the winter. But when the summer gets here, those bugs can cause the electrical components to not operate properly and leave you uncomfortable.

Before the heat season you should also have your duct work inspected for tightness. Even a small leak in your duct system will make your electrical bills higher than they need to be because it makes the system run for longer periods of time. Those small leaks can also allow unfiltered air to enter your home. This will contribute to more dust in your home and can lead to potential health risks.

A big focus of ours here at Triple A isn’t just making sure the system is clean and safe to operate, but also making sure you have a safe and comfortable living environment! These are just a few of the areas we check when we are tuning up your system with our complete tune-up package – the AC Rejuvenation. Think of your preseason rejuvenation the same way as changing the oil in your car, your air conditioning system will thank you for it!

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