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Flower Mound mayor’s message — April 2020

Flower Mound Mayor Steve Dixon

This is a strange time in our society for me to be writing my monthly message. By the time you read this, I hope we have made great strides in beating the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and that our stay-at-home orders were successful in flattening the curve.

In these unprecedented times, we are experiencing a situation you or I never thought we’d see. I applaud our elected officials, on all levels of government for taking swift action in an effort to protect lives and prevent our hospitals and healthcare workers from being overwhelmed. None of these decisions were easy, and they have had lasting impacts on so many.

It would be pointless to provide an update on the situation right now, because, as we all know the status of the virus in Denton County changes daily. Therefore, I want to focus on a section of our community that has been hit the hardest during these times – our local businesses owners and their employees.

First of all, I want to personally thank every business owner who has chosen to open their doors here in the place we call home. Thank you for choosing Flower Mound and making our community the vibrant place it is today. Not only that, but thank you for generating sales tax dollars that have made our Town a better place through new fire stations, smooth roads, clean water to drink, additional police officers, an expanded library, and so much more.

During this difficult time, we are thinking about you and we stand with you. You are not forgotten. While we may be limited in our ways to support you during this time, the Flower Mound community is looking forward to helping you get back on your feet when this situation improves.

In the meantime, I challenge everyone to rally around our businesses and do what you can to help sustain them during this time. If you’re able to, make it a goal to grab takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurants at least once a week. The Town has created a comprehensive restaurant and eatery directory webpage at www.flower-mound.com/restaurants that lists what type of services they are offering, links to their website and social media pages, contact information, and any modified hours.

Or, better yet, purchase a gift card to places you know you’ll frequent once this situation is over. Those gift cards will help our business owners pay rent and their employees. For example, instead of buying a $5 coffee from your favorite coffee shop right now, how about purchasing a $25 or $50 gift card to use in the future? That will have the impact of 5-10 people buying a $5 coffee instead of just one.

While we all hope more state and federal legislation will be approved to provide even more relief, let’s do our part to help. This is especially true for the businesses that have donated goods or services to your special event, child’s team, or cause. Now is the time to show them and their employees the support they deserve. Our businesses are a vital part of Flower Mound and I hope each and every one of them is able to weather this storm. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as we get through this together.

For additional business-related information, the Town also created a COVID-19 business resource webpage at www.flower-mound.com/1875/Business-Resources. For the latest on how COVID-19 is affecting Town operations and residents, please visit flower-mound.com/covid19.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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