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Is your home’s AC system ready for summer?

Family makes the difference at Triple A Air in Flower Mound. Pictured: Keith Neff, Adrianne Neff and Dustin Neff. (Photo by Helen’s Photography)

With winter about to release its hold on North Texas, it’s time to start thinking of how to prepare your home for the warmer weather ahead. One of the most important tasks is to make your home’s air conditioning system ready for summer. But what should that entail? And who can you trust to give you the proper advice?

Flower Mound’s Triple A Air Conditioning and Heating’s General Manager Dustin Neff is the third generation of Neff’s whose job it is to fix things. Triple A has been servicing homes in the Flower Mound area since his father Keith bought the business in 1989. Dustin’s wife Adrianne is chief financial officer.

“We’re really good at fixing air conditioners, but our main goal is ensuring our customers are extremely happy, satisfied, and trust us,” said Dustin, who like his sister Hanna graduated from Marcus High School. “Our goal is to be sure that whoever is home knows they are safe, because our technicians are fully vetted. They will also know who is coming to their house in advance, because our software sends them a bio with the technician’s picture, and even lets them track when they’re on the way.”

Triple A is a member of the “Five Star Guys,” a one-year-old group of five-star rated HVAC contractors who honor the same stringent warranties and guarantees, drug tests and background checks of every employee, and share the same high standards for training.

By getting a professional to conduct a complete spring maintenance on your home’s system, you are less likely to have part breakdowns or high utility bills when the temperature starts to hit 100 degrees.  But if you get a “super-deal” on a spring tune-up, you might not be getting the complete package.  Before you purchase, be sure your tune-up includes everything it needs for your system to operate most efficiently.

One of the most important things you can do for your air conditioning system in the spring is to have a professional wash your condenser.

“The dirtier your units are, the harder and longer they have to run,” Dustin said.

Changing filters before they become dirty also is a must.

“When the filter looks dirty – gray when you pull it out – it’s too late,” he said. “The damage to the inside of your system can be already done.”

But it is not just about the coil and filter. Clearing and cleaning your system’s drain lines also is important.

“If your lines don’t drain properly there can be damage to your home, resulting in insurance claims that would be a big headache,” Dustin said.

If you have high utility bills, your home’s attic may be a contributing factor. During a spring tune-up, your contractor should look in your attic to inspect for leaks in your ductwork and for proper installation.

Triple A uses thermal imaging cameras to scan the ductwork to find leaks that most homeowners would not know about.

A complete pre-summer tune-up on your equipment will result in a more efficiently operating system that will extend its life and reduce your utility bills.

And with spring allergies on the way and viruses in the news, it also is a good time to look for ways to improve the air your family breathes while inside your home.

“The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says the air inside our homes is a minimum of five times more polluted than the air outside due to how tight today’s homes are being built – with better windows and insulation,” Dustin said.

There are new products on the market that help clean surfaces and grab fine dust floating in the air. Even more importantly, this equipment will attach right to your ductwork to remove allergens, contaminants and virus spores.

Taking care of customers in this area is a time-honored family tradition for Triple A Air Conditioning and Heating.

“Everything we do is focused on the customer,” said Keith, a Highland Village resident. “Our goal is not to just fix air conditioners, but also to provide exceptional service every time.”

Call the Neff family at 972-440-1065 or visit their website if you have any questions about your home’s spring maintenance or about products to help keep your home’s air safe.

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