Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Skinny Performance Weight Loss offers something different

Skinny Performance Weight Loss lead nutritionist Caitlin Adams, business partner and nutritionist Valerie Maclin, and client Rocky Haire. (Photo by Helen’s Photography)

To personal trainer/nutritionist Valerie Maclin, it’s one thing for people to lose weight, but another to maintain it. So, she engaged former co-worker and nutritionist Caitlin Adams to create the Skinny Performance Weight Loss program to address that issue.

They opened the business in August at The District of Highland Village, where Maclin and Adams personally coach and guide clients through a healthier, natural way to lose weight.

“That’s the differentiator for us is when our clients have collapsed their entire fat-mass, they go into maintenance and can come in as often as they want for free as long as they get to that ideal weight,” Maclin said. “We help them with the maintenance, to go home with what’s good for them.

“We find out what their favorite foods are and create a maintenance folder with images and everything. And, we typically do their top three favorite restaurants; and, tell them what to order at their favorite restaurants, so they feel like they get to enjoy the things in life they’ve enjoyed for so many years, but make better decisions.”

Maclin came to Texas 13 years ago and became certified to teach large groups. After working for other companies, she went independent– with a passion for building a weight loss program that she believes will help end today’s obesity epidemic.

Adams switched from music to nutrition following her own personal weight loss journey in 2011, when she lost more than 100 pounds.

“I’ve always been passionate about people reaching their fitness goals in general,” Adams said. “I take it to heart. All people need are the right tools, the right education and a good cheerleader on their side of the court to help them get through it– and for the weight to never come back again.”

In addition to helping individuals, Maclin and Adams are looking to partner with businesses seeking health screens to lower insurance costs.

“Our program is all about nutrition,” Maclin said.” It’s not about exercise. It’s based on the types of food people eat and creating a better lifestyle based on the foods they eat and lowering carbs and sugar.”

Learn more about the program and services at an Open House Wednesday, Jan. 8 from 6-8 p.m.

Skinny Performance Weight Loss is located at 2570 FM 407, Suite 135, Highland Village, TX 75077. Call 1 (833) GO SKINNY or visit www.skinnylife4u.com.

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