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Back to Health Chiropractic focuses on self-healing

Dr. Steven Robillard, owner of Back to Health Chiropractic in Flower Mound, has over three decades of experience. (Photo by Helen’s Photography)

Dr. Steven Robillard admits he’s not like most chiropractors. With 32 years of experience, he often uses the analogy of a dentist who typically treats patients for their initial issues, then follows up once or twice a year.

Dr. Steve firmly believes in listening to his patients.

“I work for them not the other way around,” said Robillard, owner of Flower Mound’s Back to Health Chiropractic. “Patients want their pain quickly addressed without long treatment plans. They know I’m ethical and I focus on fixing what’s hurting and then see how little we need to see each other.

“I am a doctor who looks at function. I want to see and evaluate how my patients’ joints move. If your joints work correctly, your muscles don’t work as hard, which means less pain and restored function. My approach is to get your body to heal itself by restoring function.”

Closely connected is the more recent use of stem cells, which Back to Health receives from donated, rigorously tested, umbilical cord blood. Dr. Robillard refers to a medical doctor and nurse practitioner to apply the injections.

“Stem cell therapy lets me treat diagnoses that I used to send to medical doctors,” he said. “I like medical doctors. If you need surgery, I will refer you to one. Stem cell therapy is an option that enables your body to heal itself without surgery or potentially painful rehabilitation.

“My philosophy is working with you so your body can heal itself; stem cells let you do that. Stem cells can regenerate and repair tissue, reduce inflammation and modulate your immune system which is very powerful.”

You can learn more about stem cell therapy from Dr. Robillard at a free one-hour talk at 6:30 p.m., on Jan. 29 at the Flower Mound Community Activity Center, 1200 Gerault Road.

Contact Back to Health Chiropractic at 972-539-6564 or www.flowermoundchiropractor.com.

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