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Argyle senior believes in power of mentorship

Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez believes that young people should show each other respect.

The Argyle High School senior plays football and baseball for AHS and serves as a member of the Senior Leadership Club.

But Gonzalez, 18, said his favorite activity of all is called Senior Buddies, where students serve as a role model for younger students at Hilltop Elementary School.

“I like the Senior Buddies, because I get to mix sports and helping young kids together,” Gonzalez said.

The Argyle teen said he believes that one of the biggest problems with young people today is mistreatment of others and said that would be one thing he would change if he had the power to do so.

“I would focus on stopping bullying and helping kids see all other kids as equals,” Gonzalez said. “I would teach others the importance of preventing bullying and how to stop it. The magnitude of kids reaching their full potential, of who they are made to be, is often hindered due to bullying and teenage judgment.”

Gonzalez said he faced his own struggles when he first entered high school and said it took a lot of hard work and determination for him to adjust.

“Adapting to high school my freshman year was probably the most challenging time for me,” Gonzalez said. “Adjusting to the environment, learning how to study, meeting new people and trying to perform in sports and school was difficult. It was a faster pace and it felt like there was just so much going on. I overcame this by staying focused and adapting to the new system. I learned how to prioritize what was important.”

The Argyle teen is also a member of the Peer Assistance and Leadership Program (PALS), which he loves, because he gets to have a positive impact on another person’s life.

“I am doing something that is bigger than myself, helping others and putting a smile on someone else’s face,” Gonzalez said. “That is what gives me joy.”

Gonzalez carries a 4.0 weighted grade point average and is ranked 38th in his graduating class of 284 students.

He plans to attend Baylor University next year and major in Medical Science, with a minor in Marketing.

Gonzalez’s Favorites

Favorite Subject: College Algebra

Person Who Most Inspires Him: Grandmother

Favorite Food: Japanese Hibachi

Favorite Movie: Creed 1 and 2

Favorite TV Show: America’s Got Talent

Last Book Read: “Naked Economics”

Favorite Musical Group or Performer: George Strait


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