Double Oak calls on Speaker Bonnen to resign

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Speaker Dennis Bonnen in the House Chamber on March 27, 2019, the day the House will take up HB1, the 2020-21 budget plan. Photo by Emree Weaver / The Texas Tribune

The Double Oak Town Council approved Monday night a resolution calling on Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen to resign.

The council unanimously voted in favor of the resolution, which was prepared and presented by Mayor Mike Donnelly and reads: “Double Oak is proud to have Representative Tan Parker as our Texas House member. I join Representative Parker and Denton County Judge Andy Eads in calling for Speaker Dennis Bonnen to resign as Speaker of the Texas House.”

In a meeting with conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan, Bonnen was secretly recorded suggesting Sullivan’s political group, Empower Texans, target 10 Republican incumbents in the 2020 primaries, according to the Texas Tribune. That recording was released late last week, and since then a growing number of local officials and House Republicans and Democrats have called for his resignation.

Bonnen announced Tuesday morning that he would not seek re-election, but appears to intend to not resign before then.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. bob Weir
    bob Weir

    Mega-kudos to Mayor Mike Donnelly and the Double Oak Town Council for taking a stand against political chicanery and other unethical behavior by our elected officials. It should be noted that Mayor Donnelly and the Council voted for this resolution before Speaker Bonnen declared that he will not be running for reelection. As noted, Texas State Rep. Tan Parker and Denton County Judge Andy Eads spoke out forthrightly in their denunciation of the ethically-challenged Speaker before he was forced to admit his culpability by refusing to run for reelection. We are fortunate indeed to have leaders who refuse to tolerate the venality that all too often poisons the body/politic of our communities.

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