Construction going vertical on Flower Mound’s Fire Station No. 7

A screenshot of the town of Flower Mound’s video about the construction on Fire Station No. 7.

Construction crews are making progress on Flower Mound’s future Fire Station No. 7, which will be located at 2777 Skillern Road.

Last week, crews finished all underground electrical work and miscellaneous concrete work, according to the town of Flower Mound. This week, crews are beginning to lay block walls and establish the structural steel framework before putting up walls around the facility and installing pipes and electrical lines.

Fire Station No. 7 is expected to open in spring 2020. For additional updates, visit[0]=68.ARC_ml2U63bGYLhwn0DFfZ-xdQUDBs-wgeKwRZmlxEY9Y7RTHStPx1YHXf6-F-IT-IZBAFr1qFebROB6UAFGeG760hgVVnvjmlz_NxnRuUtBLjlViWm-6r7x4C-_z9QlkLYgSORlrDwxrxc8So1DhlZgXZmU_HJSiJbHDQ05LPBIYM9ssD_hla3rDrufBmqO6SkQ_TCsgMULCoV5coMYW6kKQR0jQPuln00PdPqC8IO6KDLXiJQV46dRkxCz1S6OnOXayy3PbM_efXxlbqO6dD1sSKqq8ZGC2_0xdNpbhDY9z4iWbnrcTK2IO_tX85DF11QDC3UMVYGRZLMZTZ4acAwna5l4Yw&__tn__=-R

Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Digital Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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