Saturday, March 2, 2024

LETTER: Vote Dixon for the right representation

Flower Mound Friends, I implore you to PLEASE GO VOTE Saturday, June 16 in the mayoral runoff election. If you voted in the May election, but have not early-voted in the runoff, your vote does not count! So please get out there. There will be plenty of friendly faces in green to help you get it done, and done right.

I’ve seen some old, ugly politics return to FM this time around, and I’m ashamed of the actions of some of our fellow citizens. There’s a nice write-up by Ken Hodge here espousing the things that matter…the character, experience and the poise of Steve Dixon. That letter is followed by some comments by his opponent’s supporters which are both incorrect and irrelevant.

Steve’s not someone who’s interested in paving our entire town despite some of the crap you’ve seen. By the way, my family has been in Flower Mound for 33 years (why the comment about 36 years here is irrelevant), and I’ve known Steve and his family for the same amount of time.

You all may know that Denton County has roughly 800,000 citizens (FM is under 10% of that population.) In the next 20 years, Denton County will swell to 2,000,000 citizens. It is imperative that we have the right representation of our town to grow in an intelligent and consistent manner because the growth is coming, like it or not.  Steve has the vision and understanding to help keep the wrong type of growth from taking place and to manage the inevitable growth in a way that benefits our town, its amenities and citizens.

Does his opponent have boardroom experience, business leadership experience and acumen to represent our interests? Where’s the evidence and experience to support that she can go toe to toe in public and in the boardroom? Sorry, as a businessman myself, I do not see it. By the way, I’m sure she’s a nice lady.

This election is about character and commitment to our community. Not about manufacturing fear or trying to tar and feather a candidate with falsehoods. It’s also about qualification and experience. Steve has all those boxes checked, and his opponent simply does NOT. This is why we’re seeing the “creative” campaigning by the other side. I won’t stand for it, and ask that you all do the same by voting for Steve.

Steve rises above the drama and ugly politics that FM has become known for in recent years. He has the integrity and character to represent our town in a dignified and responsible manner. However this election turns out, we better all hope we’re represented well by our next mayor. Please get out there and vote for Steve Dixon.

Blake Benney
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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