Solving iPhone battery issues

by Jordan Spillman

Mobile phone batteries have been big in the news lately, but what does it all mean and how does it affect your iPhone device? Having your phone shut off when you try to snap a quick picture or listen to your favorite song is frustrating, but a shutdown when navigating a busy highway or calling 911 can be dangerous. Why does this happen?

Mobile phones are powered by lithium-ion batteries because they are thin, lightweight, and powerful. Unfortunately, it is an unavoidable fact these batteries become less effective as they chemically age, resulting in a diminished ability to hold a charge and shorter battery life. When the battery fails to provide adequate power to the power management system, the phone quits all operations and shuts itself off. This rapid shutdown is an act of self-preservation by your phone; low voltage can cause data corruption and permanent damage.

Apple addressed the issue of shutdowns in January 2017 by releasing iOS 10.2.1, an update to the iPhone operating system which allows the phone to dynamically manage power consumption if the battery is not capable of delivering peak power. When the power draw of the phone’s components exceed the capability of the battery, the power management system slows the speed of the CPU and GPU to match the output of the battery. The power-saving measures may result in longer app launch times, backlight dimming, and lower speaker volume. These sacrifices are made to reserve full functionality in more vital areas such as cellular connection, camera quality, GPS accuracy, and most importantly, to avoid unexpected shutdowns.

If your phone is consistently implementing power-saving measures, it will display a notice in Settings > Battery that states “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.” The expected healthy lifespan of an iPhone battery is 500 cycles, which typically correlates to about two years of average use. If you have invested in an iPhone you are probably thinking that you would like your device to last longer than two years, and rightly so. Changing the battery in your iPhone is not as simple as swapping the batteries in your TV remote, but the expert technicians at Experimac are here to help. Bring your device to your local Experimac today for a free battery diagnostic and same-day battery replacement service.

Experimac Highland Village 972-317-0978; 4141 Waller Creek Set 160; www.experimac/highland-village-tx

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