LETTER: Many sides to Morriss fight

I can’t believe we have to relive the drama and conflict and joy we had to experience in 2009 all over again. We knew the day was coming and we remained vigilant that if and when they tried to sneak it back into the realm of possibility, we could do it again and fight for what is right.

What is right? Both sides are right or should I say at least three sides are right.

The government side is right. They have been granted a large sum of money to accomplish infrastructure projects that need to be done in order to be able to continue existing in working condition. It saves taxpayers money to be used in other ways to make our town safe, secure and attractive to future residents and businesses. Free money from state and toll authorities is very hard to turn down and harder to return.

The commuters’ side is right. Those that have long drives to and from work. They want to enjoy their homes and family and want to spend as little time as possible in their cars stuck with everyone else as they fight rush hours twice a day. The quickest and most convenient method is the one they will use even if it means going out of their way to use a road less traveled in order to shave a few precious minutes off their day. This might mean taking shortcuts through neighborhoods, parking lots, alleys, Texas-style off ramps, etc. This includes truck drivers. They have a route and a schedule to keep and pressure to avoid overtime, late penalties and just wanting to get the job done with the easiest way to get to points A, B and C.

The homeowners are right. Most belong to the commuter category but also belong to a group that contributes to a major reason for congestion nine months of the year, five days a week and two times a day. Mothers or fathers getting their kids to school safely and getting them home safely in the afternoon. And those that are at home for their career choice of life to be a stay-at-home mom or dad scurry to get their households in order shopping and completing tasks to make it all work for them. The homeowners in the neighborhood are right to protect their homes and home values and to be able to utilize our parks and trails that lace throughout our town with several points along the Morriss corridor. They should feel safe to walk along the wide sidewalks without worry of racing cars within feet of where they walk with their pets and kids. That is what makes neighborhoods great and allows people to be social the old fashion way. Traffic kills neighborhoods. Do you ever see families walking along 2499 or 3040 or 1171? Not like you see along Morriss. Noise and traffic and trucks will drive down values of homes in the core of our town. The locals within a half mile of Morriss, which represents two-thirds of our towns population are right.

Who is wrong? Anyone that would discount safety concerns. Anyone who says we need more ways for people to race through predominately residential areas because an arbitrary grade is failing. Anyone who is afraid to return money to those who granted it for other communities that might need it more. Anyone that says thirty years ago it was planned this way so we have to do it now. Anyone who doesn’t listen to those that live it 24 hours a day 7 days a week who say it is not an issue. Anyone that would risk the life of any human, child or adult that could be a victim of decreased safety caused by increased traffic. Who is going to look in their eyes and say it was planned like this 30 years ago, sorry.

Maybe I am wrong to continue trying to fight this. Maybe. I am not wrong to want to see things done right with total involvement and a commitment to make sure everything is right and everything thought through and walk away with a sense of real accomplishment.

Please join me and the many others that want it to work.

Kim Berg
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
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