Morriss Road expansion may be in town’s budget

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Morriss Road in Flower Mound.

In anticipation of the public hearings to consider the town’s annual budget for the Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018 fiscal year, Flower Mound staff and Town Council members met this past weekend to discuss priorities and updated information.

Among many Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) discussed was an update on the possible expansion of Morriss Road to six-lanes, coinciding with scheduled road maintenance work.

“We already know that there are many [concrete road] panels that need replacing,” said Assistant Town Manager Tommy Dalton, during an interview. “In addition, a 20-inch water line, south of [FM] 407 needs to be replaced with either a 24- or 30-inch line, as well as a section in the Forest Vista area needs to have a water line replaced, but in the same size.”

These Morriss Road projects are existing issues needing to be addressed; expanding the road to six-lanes at the same time to avoid paying twice for re-doing the scheduled sections is up for deliberation.

The last time the expansion of Morriss Road was discussed seriously was back during the initial phases of The River Walk. The expansion to six-lanes involves the grassy, treed center boulevard in the center of Morriss Road.

Since then, hundreds of residential units have been built in The River Walk and occupancy rates are rising. In addition, the amphitheater, retail, restaurant, plus the wedding chapel and reception hall buildings have infrastructure finished and have either already broken ground, or will soon.

Expecting the already-congested six-lane FM 2499 north-south artery to handle the future River Walk commercial and residential additional traffic safely is questionable.

“It’s an engineering issue and a logistic issue for the [town] staff,” said Town Manager Jimmy Stathatos. “It may be a political issue for some and for others it’s an emotional issue; and, we [staff] realize that. For us, it’s a traffic- and driver-safety issue.”

Public meetings for the proposed town budget fiscal year that runs from Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018 are scheduled during the Aug. 21 and Sept. 18 Town Council meetings.

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Lyn Rejahl Pry

Lyn Pry is the Editor of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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  1. Avatar

    So Flower Mound approved the Riverwalk knowing the existing infrastructure couldn’t handle it and after residents along Morris Road soundly rejected a plan to widen it.

    That’s our town government for you. Telling constituents to shove it while they continue over-develop beyond what our infrastructure can handle.

    1. Avatar
      Susan Kirschner

      This town clearly is that a town, without regards to a strategic plan or any plan. Why not just buy out all of the homeowners properties so the Town can expand without limitations? Another idea, is tax and keep taxing the road users for the privilege to drive on Morriss Road. Also,when the Town hosts a public meeting, are they saying “Its a done deal approach”. YOU, Just keep patronizing the citizens yet upholding the law, from the Texas Local Government Code. BUT CITY HALL MUST UP HOLD THE WANTS AND NEEDS OF ITS PEOPLE. Citizens WAKE UP, and vote out those and FIRE those in the Town’s Management. Time to change focus and give the Town to the people who live in it……..Before you get vile again, the above read stated “avoid paying twice”, we are always paying twice in Flower Mound, for Greed!! I remember how the Town upscaled the median centers, put in the landscape and it’s water supply for irrigation paid for by the Town’s budget (money given by it’s citizen taxpayers). And in my opinion, How dare you Mr. Manager just minimize its impact on the homeowners? The developers and City Management made deals for expansion and you can’t think infrastructure, resources were not considered? Then you need to be FIRED!!!!!! FOLKS STOP FLOWER MOUND before it drains our valued resources—the people’s choice!!!!!!! Once again, there is NEVER any budget or consideration to upgrade/repair the older neighborhoods are there? Finally, The logistic and engineering issues mentioned
      are also managed by the Town’s Management!! Time for a Town change. People Wake up demand Change!!

      1. Avatar
        Joe Leonard

        Not sure I could say it much better. I was told how thoughtful and deliberate FM was by neighbors when I moved here in 2012. Five years later it seems like there is a mad dash to develop every square inch on the incorporated side of town. Go out of town for a week and things just magically appear upon your return. And the density in both the Lakeside and RiverWalk areas is ridiculous.

        And don’t even get me started on the questionable financing arrangements for these new developments and members of our local government.

  2. Avatar

    don’t need more driving lanes new more bike/running walking to the Riverwalk, if add more vehicle traffic then you need to add more parking where all the parking going to be?

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