Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Foodie Friday: Gnome Cones and Argyle’s Top Destination Spot

Pizza, coffee, barbecue, and a gnome-themed snow cone? Yes please! Affectionately known as The Corner by Argyle locals this Foodie destination spot in Argyle averages 500 people on Friday and Saturday night every weekend. Why, you ask? Well, lately it has been because of a new BBQ spot known as “Bumbershoot” and young entrepreneurs posing as gnomes selling snow cones made with all natural ingredients.

At the north east corner of 407 and 377 are 5 restaurants including Fuzzy’s Tacos, Earl’s 377, Kimzey’s Coffee, Bumbershoot BBQ, and the latest… Gnome Cones.

Four of these are unique, local owned, specialty restaurants. Today we want to feature Gnome Cones and give you an update on the latest goings-on at the rest.

Alex Sparks and Bret Hawkins are the co-founders of Gnome Cones and childhood best friends. Their wives are also involved. They always joked around about how good the name “Gnome Cones” sounded and were always thinking of ways to make the best snow cone. So finally, three weeks ago they opened up their incredible snow shack. We talked with Alex and he told us that there are no dies or preservatives in their ice. Everything is made out of real juice, teas, and coffee! The best part is all of the ice and ingredients are made fresh every morning so you can get the maximum taste with your ice.

And when we say maximum flavor we aren’t joking! They have some seriously unique flavors, and each one has been mastered so you will not be disappointed. And, every flavor can be paired with ice cream in the middle or even just cream!

The crowd favorite is Apple Pie served with cream, but they have other tasty flavors like Blood Orange, Pina Colada, Chai Tea, and Cold Brew. No matter who you are there is sure to be something for you at this snow cone shack.

Since they have been open they have already sold out multiple times, which has led them to buy even better ice machines to better serve the customers, but Gnome Cones is open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. everyday. Alex also told us that if you bring any size gnome you receive a FREE snow cone! The bigger the gnome the bigger the snow cone.  Some come check out this new and fun snow cone shack, Gnome Cones!

Now we want to update you on Earl’s 377, Bumbershoot BBQ, and Kimzey’s Coffee as we talked about them a few blogs ago.

First, we have Earl’s 377 and their amazing pizza. Earl’s is committed to “serving hand-crafted pizza and delicious, fresh Italian food to our neighbors in North Texas!”

Their one year anniversary just passed and they are thriving. They are the original restaurant in the corner, and they are all about “Radical Hospitality” so you are sure to be treated well here! If you are a part of the Military, Police or Fire Department make sure to let them know as they want to appreciate all you have done for the community and give you a discount on your food.

Next we have Bumbershoot BBQ. Bumbershoot is also all about service. From having live shows for customers to watch while they eat their food to running out to your car and hand delivering your food when it’s raining. They really do it all at Bumbershoots and when you stop by you are sure to see and smell meat cooking in their smokers further promising that they are giving you the best beef, pork, chicken and sausage in all of Argyle!

Lastly, we have Kimzey’s Coffee Shop and their amazing coffee inside their uniquely designed coffee house. Kimzey’s is 5 months old and has very busy mornings on a steady basis due to their service and great coffee. People just can’t get enough of them!

Fuzzy’s Tacos is also a fan favorite and is the last piece to The Corner destination spot in Argyle. Make sure to stop by any of these wonderful foodie spots and enjoy their “Radical Hospitality”! We know you’re probably heading to Gnome Cones right now to cool off from the hot summer heat, but please leave some for the rest of us as it easy to go back for seconds… or even thirds!

Jay Markshttp://iamjaymarks.wordpress.com
Realtor Jay Marks reviews local restaurants each week.

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