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FMHS senior miles ahead in life

Nick Romanow
Nick Romanow

Nick Romanow is constantly on the run…literally.

A varsity athlete since his sophomore year, the Flower Mound High School senior runs cross country and track for his school and typically puts in about 80 miles per week.

“I love running, and I love the process of waking up early every morning knowing that I am making myself faster with every stride I take,” Romanow said.

That level of devotion appears to be paying off for Romanow as well, as the distance runner finished fourth overall at the Flower Mound invitational in late September with a time of 16:08:21 in the 5,000 meters event.

The Flower Mound student is also a member of the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society) at FMHS.

He is also active in community service via a group called the Flower Mound Youth Action Council, which Romanow said is a group of high school volunteers that is a part of the town government.

“We regularly conduct community service projects and assist the town with major events such as the Keep Flower Mound Beautiful event or the Christmas Parade,” Romanow said. “I was the Vice President of FMYAC last year, and now I am the President, so I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to the community.”

Romanow said he likes participating in a variety of activities because it helps to enrich his life.

“I get a lot of satisfaction from being as well-rounded of an individual as I possibly can,” Romanow said. “I am constantly trying to improve myself as a student, as an athlete, and as a member of the community. All three of these things come together and teach a lot of different lessons which ultimately makes me a better person.”

The Flower Mound senior, who hopes to study International Affairs at Georgetown University next fall, said if there was one thing he would like to see more of in our society today, it would be compassion.

“In my lifetime, I would like to see the world become more sympathetic,” Romanow said. “It is common for us as people to divide ourselves based on how we look or how we think or where we come from. I’d like to see people from all backgrounds come together to understand each other more and not be quick to give someone a label and then dismiss them because of that label.

“There’s no question that the world has a long list of problems to be solved, but solving them will first require us all to see people who are different from us as partners, not opponents.”

Romanow carries a 5.02 weighted grade point average and is ranked 44th in his class of 852 students.

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